Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (2024)

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (1)

From my previous post: Who remembers these flaky buns, and what are the names of the sandwiches shown above, when filled with shredded chicken and mole (left) and ham and cheese (right)? In Central Mexico, and especially in Mexico City, these old-fashioned buns may still be found at panaderías (bakeries). They are generically known as hojaldras (layered), usually called the same when filled with cooked shredded chicken and red mole, and known as Marinaswhen filled with slices of ham and cheese.

Flaky Buns –Hojaldras

Printable recipe: Flaky Buns – Hojaldras

Ingredients (for approx. 16 buns)

3 ¼ cups flour, plus more for dusting
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
¾ cup warm water, as needed
1 tbsp instant yeast
2 eggs
¾ cup butter

For hojaldra sandwiches: shredded cooked chicken and red mole (homemade, or from jar)
For Marinas: sliced cooked ham, sliced cheddar or processed cheese

Place three cups of flour in a large mixing bowl; open a well in the centre, then sprinkle salt around the edge (photo below, left). Add half a cup of warm water to the well, then add sugar, and mix to dissolve (photo below, centre). Sprinkle instant yeast on top (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (2)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (3)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (4)

Mix lightly without disturbing the flour, and allow to rest, it should start bubbling almost right away (photo below, left). After five to ten minutes, the mix in the centre of the bowl should have expanded, and created lots of bubbling (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (5)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (6)

This means the yeast was awakened from its dry state stupor, and may be used with confidence.

Beat eggs in a small bowl, then add to the centre (photo below, left). Mix, then slowly incorporate flour with hands, a spatula, or both (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (7)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (8)

Add a quarter of a cup of butter cut into chunks (photo below, left); knead into the flour mix. If the mix is too dry, add a little warm water at the time, up to a quarter of a cup (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (9)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (10)

Once dough is sticky and stays together, Transfer to a working surface (photo below, left). Knead with hands for about eight minutes, until the dough becomes manageable, is not sticking, and becomes very elastic (photo below, centre). Fold dough into a ball, place back in the bowl, with seam facing down, and cover with a clean towel (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (11)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (12)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (13)

Allow to rest.

Meanwhile, mix a quarter of a cup of flour and a quarter of a cup of butter in a small bowl (photo below, left). Continue mixing until they form a smooth paste (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (14)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (15)


Prepare two baking sheets lined with parchment paper.

After forty five minutes to one hour, check dough, it should have risen to about double its original size:

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (16)

Transfer dough to a working surface, slightly dusted with flour; press dough down and fold, to form a block:

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (17)

Use a rolling pin to form into a rectangle, approximately 9×16 inches (23×40 cm):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (18)

Spread reserved paste on top:

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (19)

Starting along the long edge, gently lift and pull dough, folding over the paste:

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (20)

Continue folding over all the way to the other long end, to form a long, tight spiralled log (shown folded in half, photo below, left). Divide into 50g-pieces, approximately 1.5in (4 cm) in length (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (21)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (22)

Working with one piece at a time, mould with fingers to flatten, and fold edges towards centre (photo below, left). With the seam facing back, squeeze piece between thumb and index finger, to smooth the surface (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (23)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (24)

Pinch the back to form a ball (photo below, left). Place on working surface, seam facing down; cup hand on top, and roll to smooth the ball (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (25)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (26)

Place on prepared baking sheet, and repeat with each piece of dough:

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (27)

Warm up the last quarter cup of butter, to soften. Dab a little on top of each ball of dough, spreading all over the top with fingers, and pressing down the edges (photo below, left). Continue patting around the edge until very flat (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (28)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (29)

Repeat with all the balls, so they look like rimmed hats (photo below, left). Allow to rest for about thirty minutes; the dough will rise and the pieces will look like round buns (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (30)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (31)

Pre-heat oven to 350ºF (180º C).

Place trays on oven shelves, off-centre for a more uniform heat distribution; the buns will continue to rise as they bake (photo below, left). Bake for about twenty minutes, switching trays halfway, from bottom to top shelves, and rotating so the front edge faces back. Remove from oven when golden brown (photo below, right):

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (32)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (33)

The buns are crispy and golden brown outside, with a characteristic texture on the surface, from the soft butter and the pressing with fingers:

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (34)

The bun bounces back when squished, and in cross section, the crumb looks porous, well risen from the yeast, and layers may be identified, from the step of rolling with extra butter:

To prepare sandwiches, slice bun horizontally in half:

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (35)

For Hojaldras, fill with cooked shredded chicken and mole:

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (36)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (37)

These mole hojaldras were another classic food to offer at birthday parties; even pugnacious kids would sheepishly wait for their yummy sandwich, after burning their energy during games and sometimes a piñata. Nowadays, pizza and hotdogs seem to have taken over completely.

For Marinas, use slices of cooked ham, and cheddar or processed cheese as filling:

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (38)
Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (39)

Which one would you like to try?They are both delicious!

Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (40)

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Hojaldras – Flaky Buns (2024)
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