The Absolute Best Pizza in Los Angeles (2024)

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From classic Neapolitan and NY-style pies to Roman-style pinsas and more.


Jeff Miller, and Wilder Shaw

The Absolute Best Pizza in Los Angeles (1)

It’s been about a decade since the “There’s no good pizza In LA” bit had any air of truth, but these days that take is more dated than ever: pizza in LA actually thrived during COVID, with some furloughed chefs using their additional free time to dive into the art of pizza-making and larger outfits scaling back operations to focus on slinging wood-fired pies. Plus, as a city of transplants, we’ve got just about every style pizza you could imagine, from Neapolitan and Roman-style pinsas to thin, foldable NY slices and hearty, crispy-edged Detroit-style, plus newcomers that’re putting a decidedly Cal-fresh twist on their crusts, you’re guaranteed to find a pie that reminds you of home, wherever that might be. Here are the best places to get a slice in the city:

Side Pie


Cheeky name aside, Side Pie serves up a slew of interesting, thin-crust offerings that you’ll actually want to make your main slice. The Bobby Green is topped with kale, mozzarella, and lemon oil; the Kevin Lyman’s named after the founder of Warped Tour and comes with a cream base with garlic and three cheeses; and the Altadena has Bianco DiNapoli organic tomatoes, Ezzo pepperoni, and that ooey-gooey melted mozzarella.
How to Order: via their website Thursday-Sunday only.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Quarter Sheets Pizza Club


Detroit-style pizza became a thing outside of the Motor City in the last 10 years with spots like Via 313 in Austin and Emmy Squared in Brooklyn. Since then, a number of chefs all over the country have tried their hand at interpretations of the deep-dish, sauce-on-top style. Launched in 2020, this pizza pop-up bills itself as “Glendale’s #1 least authentic Detroit-style pizza.” Known as much for its take on the Midwest-style pizza as it is for Hannah Ziskin’s incredible desserts (aka House of Gluten), you can order pies and sweets for pickup on Friday and Saturdays. The menu for the week drops Wednesdays at 5PM so be ready to order in advance (they sell out fast). And look for a brick-and-mortar location coming to Echo Park this fall.
How to Order: Via Tock starting Wednesdays at 5PM (for Friday and Saturday pickup)

Elio’s Wood-fire Pizza

Echo Park

If you’ve ever driven by Circle H Liquor Mart in Echo Park on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, you’ve probably noticed a crowd of people queuing up in the parking lot. No they’re not waiting to stock up on weekend booze, they’re waiting for pizza; namely Elio’s pizza (and no not the frozen 1980s kind). Elio Lopez first launched the concept in summer of 2019, with years of LA kitchen experience under his belt. Unknowingly, his setup (now a full-fledged food truck with wood-fired oven) was much more COVID friendly than the many brick-and-mortar establishments who were forced to close come early 2020 and he continued to sling fire-charred pies throughout the pandemic to the delight of locals and fans.
How to Order: Get in line Thursday-Sunday starting at 4:30PM.

Great White

Venice and Larchmont

Now serving pizza both in the original Venice location as well as at a new breezy spot on Larchmont, Great White’s pies are just like the rest of their craveable menu: focused on amazing ingredients, with freshness at the forefront. The standout here is the Diavola, with sopressata and wildflower honey, but the wild prosciutto pie with 20-month-aged prosciutto and Oro Nero aged balsamic, plus the truffle funghi with wood-fire roasted mushrooms and white truffle oil also represent exceptional options.
How to order: Order pick up and delivery via their website. Reservations can be made online.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Brandoni Pepperoni

Mid City

This born-during-Covid home operation from chef Brandon Gray (Providence, Trois Mec), is serving up some of the most absolutely gorgeous pizzas you’ve ever seen in your entire life, with inspired names that reflect Gray’s hometown and state. The Californication features steamed lamb shoulder, chickpeas, Oaxacan cheese, and salsa borracha, while the Victory Lap takes it home with jidori chicken, sausage, pepperoni, and mozz. Test Kitchen Thursdays are exactly what they sound like, and a great way to sample whatever Gray’s experimenting with before it makes its way on the permanent menu.
How to order: Place an order for pickup via his website.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Secret Pizza


The NY-style pies that are coming out of this anonymous home-chef’s apartment in Hollywood are an ode to the thin slices from his hometown, and only available via pop-up drops, so watch the Instagram stories for the next available chowtime. The chef keeps their menu simple, firing up plain, pepperoni, and sausage pies, with one new, featured topping every week.
How to order: Via their website for pickup only.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Brooklyn Ave Pizza Co.

Boyle Heights

This pizzeria and sports bar launched in November of last year, with a menu that pays homage to pizzaiolo Jorge Sandoval’s Latino roots, with wood-fired delights like a tangy mole option that sprinkles mozzarella and Oaxacan cheese, curtido, and crema atop a perfectly charred pie. They’ve also got more traditional pizzas like The O.G. with pepperoni, fresh oregano, and mozzarella, as well as the La Bianca, a white-sauce creation with fresh ricotta, Calabrian chilies, sauteéd spinach, caramelized onion, and hand-pulled mozzarella.
How to order: Walk in or order online for pickup and delivery.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

U Street Pizza


The sister restaurant and next-door neighbor of one of our favorite Italian spots in the city, opened earlier this year courtesy of restaurateur Maria Petulla and executive chef Chris Keyser, offering a casual, California-inspired pizzeria with seasonal dishes and well-sourced ingredients. For example, the dough is made from artisanal wheat sourced from Washington and Vermont and fermented for two days before it’s topped with hyper-seasonal ingredients from local farms and cooked in an electric deck oven. In lieu of traditional parmesan, Keyser tops each pie with Fiscalini cheddar from Modesto. The Petaluma-style pizza presents a compelling vegetarian option with Petaluma mozzarella, grandma sauce, Pecorino Romano, and California olive oil, or go big with the vodka pepperoni that’s doused with creamy vodka sauce and Fresno peppers.
How to order: Walk in or make reservations online.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele


Michele Rubini’s now-infamous pizza’s first US location is in LA, where Angelenos have been able to have a religious-eating experience previously reserved for italians. The pizzas, for the most part, are simple -- most are variations of red sauce, cheese, and basil, though pies with anchovies and truffles occasionally sneak their way onto the menu. Overall though, the reason people are here (besides to snap a pic for the ‘Gram) is the dough. It’s chewy, pillowy, and overall pretty hard to beat. Hey, if it’s good enough for Julia Roberts, it’s good enough for us.
How to order: Delivery available via Doordash, Ubereats, Grubhub, and Postmates, as well as outdoor in-person seating.

Available for Delivery/Takeout


Culver City

As far as American pizzerias go, Roberta’s has about as high a pedigree as anything. The infamous Brooklyn import tore up Culver City’s Platform complex during its run as a pop-up and is now pumping out pizzas full-time with its very own brick-and-mortar in the same spot, complete with socially distant, outdoor seating. The menu has expanded to include smaller plates and bites, but above all you’re heading to Roberta’s for the Bee Sting, a spicy & sweet masterpiece featuring sopressata, mozzarella, chili oil, and honey.
How to order: Delivery available via Caviar, as well as outdoor in-person seating

Superfine Pizza


Though Rossoblu is an undeniable hit, chef Steve Samson clearly wanted a more casual outlet. A crucial part of an ever-expanding section of DTLA’s Fashion District, Superfine is a literal hole-in-the-wall in the same complex as Rossoblu, serving up a ton of fun pizzas in a casual setting that legitimately serves the neighborhood by giving customers the option to “Superslice it” and add on a $1 supersplice or $5 superpie to help feed neighbors at Skid Row Housing Trust. The Es-Ca-Role with escarole, onion, salt cured-olives, chilies, mozzarella, and smoked provolone is great news for everybody (as is their signature chili oil), but the best news of all? Superfine does slices. They’re more than fine; they’re… well, you get it.
How to order: Pickup and delivery via Toast; you can also order their pie at Rossoblu.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Hail Mary Pizza

Atwater Village

Though David Wilcox had to close the Jonathan Gold-beloved Journeymen, he took one of his strongest skills—working with dough—and used it to open the doors to Hail Mary Pizza. The pies he’s firing up are things of beauty, with toppings like smoked mozzarella, squash blossoms, and pickled chilies. Just how good is that dough, you ask? Good enough to make his cheese-less marinara pizza one of the best in the city. Pair your pizza with any of the seasonally rotating salads or plates (like the meatballs or wings). Hail Mary, full of taste.
How to order: Walk-in seating is available or order online for take out.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Cosa Buona

Echo Park

At this point, you’ve probably heard somebody heralding the bubbly, blackened edges that make Zach Pollack’s Cosa Buona pizzas so picturesque. You’ve probably had somebody tell you that each bite of a Cosa Buona pizza has that perfect amount of chew that causes the dough to stretch out from your mouth almost as much as the cheese. You’ve probably heard somebody mention the ingredients they’re working with, like smoked scamorza, mustard greens, and maitake mushrooms. But most of all, you’ve probably heard somebody say that Cosa Buona’s pizzas are some of the best in LA. And guess what? You’ve heard right.
How to order: Take out or delivery via Caviar. Walk-ins are accepted and reservations can be made online.

Available for Reservations



Daniel and Caitlin Cutler's debut restaurant is a welcome addition to the already-stacked lineup of eateries on Melrose between Fairfax and La Brea. If the backbone of Ronan’s menu is fresh, local produce and locally raised proteins, the soul is their strong lineup of wood-fired pizzas. They’re pulling equal weight on both sides of the pizza aisle, so if you’re aching for some white pizzas, Ronan is your spot. The Sweet Cheeks—with house guanciale, ricotta forté, and cacio e pepe honey— is a sweet and savory masterpiece, and an absolute must-order.
How to order: Curbside pickup is available for 10% off by calling 323-917-5100 and delivery is available via Chownow. Walk-ins are accepted for dine-in, or make a reservation online.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Available for Reservations

Triple Beam Pizza

Highland Park

Add another dynamite pizzeria to Nancy Silverton’s already pizza-laden resumé. For Triple Beam—a pay-by-the-weight, rectangular pizza shop—she’s partnered up with former Mozza team member and current Hippo chef Matt Molina as well as Silver Lake Wine’s Randy Clement. The result is an ultra-casual, ultra-delicious pizza spot in two of LA’s most exciting dining neighborhoods. They also offer the option to order half a pizza or combine two halves so you can sample classics like pepperoni alongside their acorn squash or roasted mushroom pie.
How to order: You can stop by to eat at one of their streetside patios, or order pick up via Toast or delivery via Caviar.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria

Multiple locations

Ask many people who grew up in LA to name the pizza that makes them nostalgic for childhood, and they'll drop one of two answers: the XXXXXXL slices at Greco's (which, once you're grown up, are only great if you're about seven sheets to the wind), and the floppy pies from Mulberry Street. Their flaptacular crusts are a bit of an acquired taste, but the toppings are absolutely delicious. The white clam is a classic, and should definitely not be slept on.
How to order: Walk in or select a location and order online for pickup and delivery via Chownow.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Helmed by Nancy Silverton and Joe Bastianich, this pizzeria did what others had deemed impossible and made LA pizza a talking point of the city. No list of the best pizza in LA would be complete without it, thanks in no small part to the perfectly bubbly, perfectly chewy, perfectly charred crust, and ingredients that pop on your palate, whether they’re clams, squash blossoms, or sausages.
How to order: Make a reservation online or order delivery inhouse via Mozza2Go.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

Eagle Rock

Pizza culture is definitely divided, with some people loving authentic, Napolitano-style pizza, and others loving family-style-garlic-stuffed-checkered-tablecloths-style pizza. If you’re of the latter group, Casa Bianca is for you, and its signature thin crust is nothing to mess with. Every topping is right on the money, but the fried eggplant is a must-order.
How to order: Walk in or order delivery and pickup via Chownow. Call 323-256-9617 for reservations for parties of six or more.

DeSano Pizza Bakery

East Hollywood and Long Beach

It’s nuts that DeSano isn’t 1,000 times more famous: The large, sit-down pizza shop imports its ingredients straight from Italy, and you can taste it when you bite into any of its masterpieces, like the capricciosa (San Marzano tomato sauce, mushrooms, artichokes, prosciutto, garlic, scamorza, mozzarella di bufala, and pecorino romano) or the Verdura (broccoli rabe, mushrooms, Vesuvian cherry tomatoes, garlic scamorza, mozzarella di bufala, and pecorino romano). The also-imported gelato is just icing on the pie.
How to order: Walk in or order pickup via Chownow.

Santino's Pizza

Sherman Oaks

If you’re gonna call yourself “NY pizza,” you’d better be prepared to back it up, as New Yorkers living in LA will be your most merciless reviewers. Lucky for Santino’s, hordes of ex-Yankees give it up for the authenticity of these square or round (your choice!) pies, which are something of a local secret... er, were something of a local secret. Sorry.
How to order: Walk in or order pickup and delivery online.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Stella Barra Pizzeria

Santa Monica

Every pizzeria does a mushroom pizza, but none of them are slicing up anything like Stella Barra’s: the shaved mushroom pie is served with a parmesan cream sauce, Gruyere, melted onion, truffle oil, rosemary, and parsley. Just save room for the cookies: Stella’s are the best in the city. Period. Please note that while this pizzeria used to have a bustling Hollywood location, it’s temporarily closed.
How to order: Make a reservation onlineand order pickup and delivery online.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Available for Reservations

GTA (Gjelina Take Away)


The delivery arm of Gjelina has some seriously delicious pizzas and while every variety is stellar, our favorite option is the bottarga with jalapeño pizza: made with tomato confit, asiago, smoked mozzarella, lemon juice, olive oil, arugula, and topped with bottarga (cured fish roe).
How to order: Pickup via Toast and delivery via Doordash and UberEats.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Little Dom's

Los Feliz

If Jon & Vinny’s is too far west for you, and you want breakfast pizza, here’s the lower-mileage alternative: the Los Feliz favorite’s morning option is topped with speck, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and of course, a sunny-side-up egg for maximum #yolkp*rn Instagramming.
How to order: Walk in or make reservations online; Order pickup via their website and delivery via Caviar.

Available for Delivery/Takeout


Pizza doesn’t have to be eaten solely for lunch and dinner—at least, not when chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (yeah, the dudes from Animal & Son of a Gun) are in charge. The breakfast pie is the menu allstar: topped with a Yukon gold potato, fried egg, rosemary, olive oil, parmesan and red onion, with a perfectly-runny egg right in the middle of it. The ratios are next-level, and the pizza’s even better if you add Grilled Nueske’s bacon. Obviously. Don’t disregard the other pies on the menu though: the decked out Salad Days with little gem lettuce, red onion, caciocavallo, sungold tomato, and creamy Italian sauce is a vegetarian’s dream, and the LA Woman comes topped with cold burrata, tomato, basil, olive oil, and sea salt, for a simple yet outstanding pizza.
How to order: Make a reservation online or order pickup and delivery via one of the options on their website.

Prime Pizza

Multiple locations

Though LA’s pizza scene is obviously on point, it’s can sometimes prove difficult to find a place that sells by the slice, especially these days. Prime Pizza is here to help, doing everything from customizable slices, to full pies, to sandwiches and salads, available via pickup (or full pies and more via delivery). Whatever you end up with, you’ll want to complement it by getting heavily involved with those garlic knots—they’re so good, in fact, that they might be the ones complementing the pizza.
How to order: Walk-in o order takeout and close-by delivery online. Delivery is also available viaUberEats.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Barone's Famous Italian Restaurant

Valley Glen

Whether you’re considering pizza quality or the actual shape of said pizza, no corners are cut at Barone’s, which has been serving up thin-crust, rectangular, Neapolitan-style pizzas since 1945. A hot Barone’s pie is a sight to behold with steam rising off the blistered crust and toppings fighting their way through the surface of the cheese. Despite a location change in the middle of its illustrious life, Valley regulars and first-timers alike swear by Barone’s. We’re among them—it’s some of the best pizza in LA.
How to order: Walk in or order pickup by calling the restaurant at 818-782-6004.

South End


This Venice hotspot is a mecca for anybody who appreciates pizza—even an eastsider will make the trip. South End’s dough is handmade daily and decorated with toppings like crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, Sottocenere, speck, mushrooms, egg, and arugula (the Boardwalk), and mozzarella, Sottocenere, pecorino, black truffle sea salt, and arugula (the Trolleyway—one of our faves). Pair your pizza with a wine from their extensive wine list, which spans Italy (duh) to Argentina and Paso Robles.
How to order: Make a reservation or order delivery via Chownow.

Mohawk Bend

Echo Park

“Vegan pizza” might be a turn-off to some, but we have two things to say to you: 1) there are some non-vegan options, and 2) the vegan stuff’s actually pretty damn good. If you’ve blown off any pizza recommendations from Echo Park’s best spot for craft beer, time to make an adjustment. Add meat if you want, but do us a favor and give their creamy, melty cashew ricotta a shot—we recommend going with the Angry Vegan, with spicy tomato sauce, three types of vegan cheeses, serrano chiles, Calabrian peppers, and oregano, but they offer to make any of their selections vegan by request, so opt for whatever strikes your plant-based fancy.
How to order: Walk in or make reservations online; order pickup and deliveryonline.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Available for Reservations

Vito’s Pizza

West Hollywood

The LA Times called Vito’s the best cheese pizza in town, and we’re not exactly ready to disagree. The pizzas are simple and the ingredient quality shines in each and every slice (the White Pie is a sleeper hit). Though people flock here for the probably-best-in-the-city chicken parm sandwich, Vito’s remains incredibly reliable, and one of the few places in LA where you can still get a slice.
How to order: Walk in or order pickup and delivery online.

Available for Delivery/Takeout


West Hollywood and Brentwood

Does Pizzana even need any more endorsem*nt? The late Jonathan Gold once called it the best pizza in the world, and since its smash opening in Brentwood, it’s landed itself a spot on every LA foodie’s restaurant bucket list. They’ve got two locations helmed by chef Daniele Uditi, a pizzaiolo who’s at the center of our city’s pizza renaissance, with a ton of creative things going on throughout the menu, like the Corbarina (with squash blossoms, burrata, gremolata, and cherry tomatoes), but it’s never a bad idea to throw it back to a classic, and Pizzana’s pepperoni and mushroom—crunchy, salty, and savory—is truly a winner.
How to order: Choose a location and make a reservation via Resy. For pickup and delivery, download their app or order via Chownow.

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Dtown Pizzeria

West Hollywood

Another recent mid-pandemic opening, Dtown pizza’s doing Detroit-style deep-crust square pies with a lot of heart, thanks to chef Ryan Ososky’s Michigan roots. He’s using premium ingredients for super-unique pies, including the Cornhole (summer corn, bacon jam, & pickled jalapenos) and the coyly spot-on Life Is Truff 2020 (black truffle, goat cheese, mushrooms, pickled onions, & thyme).
How to order: Delivery and pickup available in-house

Available for Delivery/Takeout

Gino’s East Of Chicago

Sherman Oaks

For Chicago expats in LA, it was almost a message from God when Gino’s East—the legendary home of Chicago-style deep dish pizzas in the windy city—opened in Sherman Oaks. In addition to classic pies, they’ve got a burger and fries pizza with, well, burger and fries (and thousand island dressing, for good measure), and pizzas can now also be made ultra thin “tavern-style,” which are more manageable for those not used to Chicago style belly-bombs.
How to order: Reservations can be made online. Delivery and pickup via Chownow.

Available for Reservations



Another mid-pandemic debut, Ospi is from chef Jackson Kalb and co-owner Melissa Saka, who are also the duo behind the South Bay’s local fave James Enoteca. They’ve also leaned into the Roman-style, cracker-thin crust trend, although their options are more playful than most, including the Hapa with slow-smoked pepperoni macinati, slow-roasted pineapple, jalapeno, and pickled Fresno chiles.
How to order: Reservations can be made online. Takeout via Toast.

Available for Reservations

Jeff Miller and Wilder Shaw are contributors for Thrillist.

The Absolute Best Pizza in Los Angeles (2024)
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