Store Cupboard Recipes (2024)

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Here is a roundup of some of our favourite go-to recipes that arepacked with flavourand use mainly store cupboard ingredients.

Store Cupboard Recipes (1)

Dinner made from store cupboard ingredients don't need to be boring or overly complicated. Most of these recipes are made with basic ingredients with the addition of just a few fresh ingredients (i.e meat or veggies). Perfect for the family!

Store Cupboard Dinners:

Sausage Casserole

5 from 6 votes

This sausage casserole is packed full of flavour, with a mix of warming spices and pieces of chorizo. It makes a great family winter dinner. Plus it can be make ahead of time too!

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Tomato Tuna Pasta Bake

4.94 from 15 votes

An easy pasta bake with tuna and creamy tomato sauce, all topped off with lots of lovely cheddar cheese. A great weeknight dinner!

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Chilli Con Carne

4.93 from 67 votes

Our favourite chilli con carne recipe - packed with flavour! One pound of minced beef can easily stretch to 8 servings in this recipe - making it healthier and cheaper too.

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Spaghetti Bolognese

4.75 from 24 votes

My go-to rich and satisfying weeknight bolognese. Ready in 30 minutes! Simple ingredients, without skimping on taste.

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Creamy Tuna Pasta Bake

4.84 from 60 votes

Creamy Tuna Pasta Bake - a classic meal that everyone loves - made with mostly store-cupboard ingredients!

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Lasagne Recipe

A delicious homemade lasagne with rich beef ragu, creamy béchamel and golden cheese topping. A comfort food classic.

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Sweet and Sour Chicken

4.95 from 118 votes

Homemade crispy sweet and sour chicken with a better-than-takeout sauce made from store cupboard ingredients! Ready in 25 minutes.

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Make Ahead Spaghetti Recipe

5 from 1 vote

You can make this flavour-packed spaghetti dish ahead of time - without it clumping together. Full of veg, plus crispy bacon. Just reheat for a quick dinner. Freezable too!

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Creamy Tomato Risotto with Crispy Garlic Crumbs

4.88 from 16 votes

A deliciously moreish Creamy Tomato Risotto topped with crispy garlic breadcrumbs - made with mainly store cupboard ingredients.

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

20 Minute Garlic Bread Spaghetti

5 from 3 votes

Simple spaghetti tossed together with golden fried garlic-bread-crumbs, plus a hint of chilli and lemon. A revelation of a dinner!

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Beef Goulash Recipe

4.79 from 23 votes

A warming stew of fall-apart beef in a rich and slightly smoky tomato and paprika sauce. Make this goulash in the oven or the slow cooker.

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Slow Cooked Steak Diane Casserole

4.87 from 23 votes

Slow Cooked Steak Diane Casserole - a great make-ahead meal, perfect for feeding a crowd! Cook in the oven, slow cooker or on the hob.

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Special Fried Rice

5 from 4 votes

Step by steps instructions with lots of tips on making perfect fried rice. From boiling the rice and choosing your wok to preventing sticky rice and getting the temperature right.

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Cheesy Pasta Bake With Chicken And Bacon Recipe

4.85 from 69 votes

Cheesy Pasta Bake With Chicken And Bacon - a family favourite (and it makes great leftovers too!).

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

If you are after some instant pot store cupboard recipe ideas then head over to our friend Mabintu's site for her Instant Pot Pantry Recipes

How about some bread to go with the dinner

Soft and Light Brioche Burgers Buns

4.94 from 16 votes

These brioche buns are light, not overly sweet, and the perfect vessel for a homemade juicy burger

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Dessert Ideas

And for dessert:

Banana Oat Cookies

4.79 from 23 votes

Banana Oat Cookies a great make-ahead breakfast that just happens to be gluten free.

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

No Bake Peanut ButterGranolaBars

5 from 3 votes

Only SIX ingredients! My No Bake Peanut ButterGranolaBars are so quick and easy to prepare. A great make-ahead breakfast or snack!

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Chocolate Caramel Mug Cake - The Perfect Dessert For One

5 from 1 vote

Chocolate Caramel Mug Cake - The Perfect Dessert For One! Filled with Rolos – when you need dessert NOW!

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

P B And J Mug Cake Recipe

5 from 2 votes

This PB&J mug cake is ready in 5 minutes - perfect when you need something sweet now!

Made by: Nicky Corbishley

Store Cupboard Recipes (21)

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