Пёс-3 : NTV : May 16, 2024 10:35am-1:01pm MSK : Free Borrow & Streaming : Internet Archive (2024)

10:35 am

we are not expecting their rains, the precipitation is predicted to be light, but the temperature will become lower, in the south there is no change yet, in the rostov region in the krasnodar territory the rains continue, although not so intense, thunderstorms in places, wet snow is not excluded at night in the mountainous areas, in the black sea coast during the day 13-18°, in crimea no precipitation and about twenty, in st. petersburg cloudy with clearings during the day +16.18, in moscow light rain and up to 20 degrees are possible. why are you looking at me like that, i always approach this way, i’m the coolest detective in city, you have the keys to the handcuffs, of course, but the devil left it in the old square, they threw it here, oh, oh, oh, i’m sorry, i didn’t

10:36 am

mean to, i accidentally, i’m sorry, you planted evidence on me, it’s a box without barcodes, that means it was sold without a cash register, well, now you have to go to the store, tie everyone up, lock them in a torture room and inject them with what, where, for what, you need to detain the store director, put them in an interrogation room and interrogate them, oh, well, go , it’s already worth it, yes, yes, okay, of course, you’re with me, of course, you won’t help draw criminals, from me a big, thick, cuban cigar, yes, i can’t stand the smell of the kuban, goryosha, kokavance, demands to smell a cigar, i’m not a kokavance, now it will be, i’m not a kokavance, oh, i

10:37 am

’ll catch up, yes, the whole shoe fits me, yes, what i understand, maybe a little later, you wait a while, yeah, some kind of garbage truck drove into the doors of the warehouse store, it’s still there, i told you right away that there will be a garbage truck, soon, soon, don’t make a promise. “i’m with you, i immediately realized that the version of this overdressed monica is complete bullsh*t, i’m a sh*thead, a garbage truck, and what, and what, what, maybe i don’t, because i have the keys to monica’s car, and i’m sorry, i didn’t figure it out." don’t

10:38 am

start, don’t start without me, go ahead! get out of the car, don’t stupidly, get out of the car!

10:39 am

keep an eye on her so that nothing happens, hide, back, back, don’t get in the way, i

10:40 am

said it myself, slow down like that... you’re an idiot, get out with your hands up, captain of the nesters ! no nonsense, this is my catchphrase, he

10:41 am

’s drunk as hell, that’s why he drove like that, you ’re drunk, i’ll put you in jail now organ mutilation, creature, this is not the garbage truck that was stolen. where's max? maybe max is inside, collecting evidence. captain, nestler, no nonsense. are you crazy or something, shut up, it’s rotten without you. garbage truck, garbage truck, next ambulance, for what? now it’s clear why the cops are called trash, here i am,

10:42 am

there are more and more serious crimes, these non-humans should get the full price, i offer help in any format and volume, but we do everything quietly. stand by the police, you need to think ahead, zhenya, as i understand it, you we came to detain him, the probability of a mistake is negligible, you understand, vasilis, until i find these thugs, there will be no peace of mind here, dolphin, today at 20:00 on ntv, via superstar, premiere on sunday at 20:20 on ntv , come out! it’s profitable to retire with sberbank, for pensioners a free sbercard, a favorable deposit rate, cashback bonuses in pharmacies, a discount on a loan, apply for a pension with sberbank online or at the branch you can get a free breakfast, and it’s interesting that many people here

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in good company. spring has come, we rejoice in the sun and the ringing of the stove, we play country houses, cars, laptops. spring streams and cash prizes await you. catch your bird of luck, because we are winning. every sunday at 8:20 on ntv. "i did not understand what you've fallen apart here, it's not even a sanatorium, damn it, tell him, he's hiding here from monica, and i also want to hide from monica, well, let's hide together, lyosha, well..." "they found us, they're robbing us, who's being robbed, what did she mean,

10:48 am

apparently she made it up to herself that she found the robbers, let him send photographs, it seemed. oh, hi, can you tell me where the library is, please? well, you don’t think she

10:49 am

’s serious, no, of course, but shouldn’t you go and check why, well, even though she’s a woman, even though she’s wrong, maybe she’s dangers, give me more pitching, max, you have confused the brothers in kind, who are you crumbling the loaf of, this is, hey, well, the fraer gave it back, i’m not suited to you, you even know who i am , the chansonson radio concert is over, she saw us, maybe her. “she doesn’t agree, no, well, what should we do, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet,

10:50 am

quiet, you can’t shoot at a woman, it’s noisy, we ’ll just kill her, cops, well, everything’s fine.” don’t worry, everything is already fine. no, nikavalesh. how about no one? and this is a healing wrap. you took the time to make your fantasy come true, max. garbage truck at the entrance, engine still warm. that means the criminal is still here, here they are, don’t go anywhere, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh

10:51 am

- drop the gun!

10:52 am

well, they upset the violin, well, take it, listen, maybe you can untie it, are you crazy , there could be fingerprints here, a bandit, but yes, that’s right, they’ll come tomorrow, take fingerprints, the children will come tomorrow the day after tomorrow, that’ll be it they won’t behave badly at all, while walking with their newborn daughter, the young parents passed out and the girl was left in the middle of the street unattended, he was lying like that, she was lying there and

10:53 am

there was a stroller and the baby was born, it was watchable it’s simply unbearable, the baby’s mother assures that she just became ill and begs not to deprive her of parental rights. we walked, nothing foreshadowed trouble. i felt bad. where did you wake up? in reanimation. in reanimation? yes. you hope to take your daughter home. but the father of the eldest child always considered her an irresponsible mother. he ran to the hospital, she left the child and her mother left. he is such a wonderful child, and his mother doesn’t need him, she doesn’t love him at all. did the parents really oversleep, daughter? who will the newborn girl stay with? a friend has arrived. in yourself glass, we mixed up the glass, drank water from this glass, went outside, that’s it, i lost consciousness, i consider myself a good father, i did everything for the child, this is beyond the bounds, today at 16:45 on ntv, stars, finale in saturday at 21:20 on ntv, all all for one, there are classics

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oh, no, no, no, no, no, i'm a brother, don't smoke this, although, of course, on the other hand sides, a black hat, black gloves, a cigar, i would have looked impressive, otherwise monica told the boss that she chose gnezdilov as the prototype of the main character for the series, oh well, you, you heard it yourself, yes, here, here, and i always i knew, i, i, i have dignity, i deserve it, i’m the only one who doubts whether you can smoke a cigar or

10:59 am

a cigar? yes, easy, a cigar, as many as you like on tv, yes please, cigars, yeah. in the frame i will look stunning, uh-huh, well, that’s how lakhtank is, maybe since childhood, but you're taking a puff like a man, yes, igor nikolaevich, it's not cinematic, take a puff, yes please, for tv's sake, you 're just jealous of me, i can see by your faces that you're for me.

11:00 am

hi, hi, how are you, i finished filming soon, uh huh. i’m ready, quietly, quietly, quietly, quietly,

11:01 am

quietly, i was worried, burned out, yes, excitement, you yourself recognized him as the best policeman, the best policeman among you is a dog, this is a self-made joke or something, no, not a joke, i’m here i even bought a car with an advance payment for future scripts. seen off by the admiring with her glances, she got into her big car, sped off to glory, and max and his dog looked after her enviously for a long time. yes, igor, you married the wrong clave. and this is from your

11:02 am


11:03 am

you were supposed to go home, why do you need a gas mask? what the hell, don't open medland!

11:04 am

yes, oh, look, look, they’re already swollen, they’re even poisonous, so, uh, what are you talking about, they’re still normal, you can eat them, oh, oh, your sense of smell almost

11:05 am

got poisoned. but i throw better than you, let’s get it behind the sofa, go, go, go, go, and what can you say, well, even i will understand what’s wrong, it's 10 o'clock, no one called us. leonidov, four missed ones, hello, yes, alyosha, well , excuse me, we ’re disinfecting the refrigerator here, you’ve worked hard here somehow, interesting wording, alleged crime, i’ll even come to see it, come on.

11:06 am

you also remind me to sort out the books. well, i said that i saw a crime, so i thought that it would be theft, this is murder, this is comrade esenstein, not murder, this is an accident, the scientist himself broke a flask with some kind of, well, probably some poisonous something gas. well, like calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate is not a gas, it’s hard white crystals like that, but what’s the difference, hard, soft restal, there’s a well-worn man, nestilov, why do you need a clothespin on

11:07 am

your nose, oh, vacancy, how hard it is with you, i’ll explain, for stupid people, this ancient folk wisdom against poisonous gases, i learned in the magazine, a playboy, yes, that’s the one from a small age. which you have, and i see you have problems with this, yes problems? i apologize, well, you understand that you still inhale through your mouth, yes, comrade, that means you, go, let’s go kolidor, come on, actually, actually, i’m the only one who saw the killer, now i ’m supposed to call you when necessary, i hesitated, i’m telling you, ugh, and it’s you, yes, it’s us, brought the animal down? it’s a shame to even come in, no, it ’s just that your smell infuriates him, and you too, i see it infuriates you, check the door, you can calmly go home, everything is clear here, here the poor guy was tormented, and listen, if he was tormented, then

11:08 am

it didn’t go anywhere, well or as a variant of suicide on production grounds, the scientist could not achieve an outstanding result, he probably built up a lot, so well, the bass is all over... under the feet, yes, just before that i opened the window slightly and locked the door on the soviet side, but there are even fresh scratches, i wouldn’t be surprised if we find paint under the victim’s nails, for some reason you’re tilting, i’m tired, professor was going to run, but someone held the door from the outside, you know, you also say that the killer then returned inside, started to fart from the inside, after the farting he dragged the corpse to the window, he sees the shoes taken off, to the window, to the window, the killer jumped out of the window. the witness testified that he saw someone running down the fire escape, but you escorted this witness out, what happened here, quietly, quietly, quietly, quietly, quietly, and who are you, egor, egor malyshev, assistant professor, kavalchuk, they told me that

11:09 am

the professor died due to negligence, he had enemies, and enemies, that you, the professor was outstanding. the chemist is a wonderful person , of course there were envious people, you know, but enemies, why did you suddenly ask about enemies, because, because my colleagues and i scientifically found out that this was not an accident, but you don’t think that it was a murder, well we'll find out what it was, professor, what have you been doing lately, and the professor experiment...

11:10 am

didn’t have time to get a license to sell, then the whole batch was sealed and something disappeared from the laboratory, well, i can’t tell you right away, but you’re a fool, you know, i would need some time for this, and okay, we’ll take the body to the sea for now, and if you remember something, be sure to call back, yes, yes, yes, yes, of course, of course. where did our burotin go? yes, i

11:11 am

understood everything, yes, i’ll say, of course, yes, i understand, everything that’s happy, wait, what now? told you to guard a witness, what a witness, but you should be a professor, irlinsky, yes, professor ilinsky, he is the only one who saw how the criminal was killed. well, i’ll try, i really didn’t get a good look at his face, the professor is worried that witnesses don’t live long, and why did he remember you? well, i don’t know, here’s the staircase, it’s very interesting, here’s the window of the laboratory, why did i, as the boss, say that he can live with you, with me, with me, well, yes, what don’t you like, that we like everything? great, what's going on, you s i’m not tired of the keyboard, come with me, take

11:12 am

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the final? in this final i will do what i do best. divorce. participates in the show, until it hits again, moscow and beijing have recently become very close, he says the latter is beijing, very moscow is friendship, i want to understand why in our village, people are dying, because you paint them, what the hell are you, who is this, yes, i collected microloans, this is their collector, money is dust, and i am a vacuum cleaner. i’m a little worried, as before sparring i don’t want to blow dmitry malikov, bravo, great in your performance, just a complete merchant, stars, final, today six finalists will perform before us, but there will be only one winner, on saturday at 21:20 on ntv.

11:19 am

good afternoon, hello, we are interested in businessman kirill prokhorov. sorry, but i cannot give information on kirill prokhorov and his company. you probably misunderstood us , we are from the police, he appears in our case. okay, in that case. come with an official decree, then i ’ll tell you everything, it’s clear, they won’t let us in without a warrant, they know they have something to hide, they won’t drive through the parking lot anyway, let’s wait there, let’s wait in the parking lot, listen, you’re our dear, everything is closed , they don’t let you into the feeding trough,

11:20 am

what the hell, they didn’t let you in, are you learning? how is this done, all the girls in front of me are unarmed, spring, encouragement, hello, well... everything is fine, i'm sorry, i forgive, oh well, you don't have to be afraid, you don't have to be afraid of your desires, at the moment my desire is to call security, i understand, i understand, i can ignite a volcano at any second, hello put it out

11:21 am

him, right here, excuse me, what do you need, you, baby, just you? that means, dinner in a luxurious restaurant, well, in half, of course, a walk under the moon, and then a night of love, a storm of boiling, the flickering of hello in the sea, yes, what exactly do i smell in the ocean, in the back, everything is fine, boy, go, go, find out now himself some other place, this is my girl cretin, maybe it was like that in the morning, but with my appearance her life,

11:22 am

yes, a nest, in science a negative result, also a result, do you hear, esenstein, screw it up, yes, just my sense of smell only affects girls, well... they don’t smell, yes, well, fumble, it’s prokhorov, uh-huh, nest, you’ll go, maybe talk, no-no-no, this is without me, well, he’s not a girl, what’s he he will tell me, logic, professor, don’t stick your neck out, otherwise... pinch your face, protect it,

11:23 am

hello, who are you, bitch, give it back, you, what are you doing, and why are you? don’t participate, are you stupid or stupid? maxim was entrusted with guarding you, and that’s right, lyosha, if they ask me, i need to be there a long time ago, hey, you promised me.

11:24 am

hello again, again about professor kruchik, take the dog away, would you like to answer a few questions? okay, stop, okay, okay, what do you need, you wanted to buy the results of professor kovulchuk’s research, yes you did, when he refused you, you decided to order it, yes, yes, this is complete nonsense, two weeks ago i bought these slu*tsky's results, who is slu*tsky? semyon slusky, worked together with kovalchuk, he turned out to be a collaborator, take the dog away, normal heroes always take a detour, it’s only business, it hurts, yes, sal take it, let’s go.

11:25 am

you feel bad, what the hell, you’ve completely fallen out of the woodwork, professors, and i’m defending myself, your dog, your damn one, abandoned me, he doesn’t understand your commands at all, this one, who, damn it, doesn’t understand, i agree , slu*tsk, you know this one, slu*tsk, right? he's a smart theorist, but he stole one of my ideas, where can i look for him? on wipe your pants at the pulpit, let's go, show me, you'll go in the back, give it here, defender of the f*ckers, after all, of course, you have some kind of strange dog, unsociable, although i admit, he is healthy for us then with prokhorov.

11:26 am

what are you? it doesn’t matter, you sold kovalchuk’s developments to prokhoro, let’s start with the fact that these are our common developments, we are not talking about your ambitions now. about the murder of the professor, that the murder, so he himself, was given away and killed so as not to share, wait, please, i

11:27 am

sold it, but i didn’t kill someone, let’s say. last night where were you, i thought, with whom, alone, it’s a little weak for a lib, don’t you think? i’ll have to take one small test, okay, which test, please, not this one, it doesn’t look like who could want professor kovalchuk’s death, i don’t know, i’ll have to repeat the investigative

11:28 am

experiment, yes, professor. yes, in figure, very similar to criminals, it seems to me that we need one more time, but don’t, please, i ’ll tell you everything, tell me, kovalchuk recently started testing the drug on people, drugs, what kind of drugs are they, a drug to increase libido and potency, well, some complained of severe side effects and even threatened, so you... finally you understand, in general, we need to look among the victims, thank you, look, whoever is looking will always find something to do, professor, now, now, the idea,

11:29 am

we need to check, it’s burning in you, that’s the idea, so everything’s fine, he’s preparing for action. you are a crematorium , sort of a thief, max, i need vegetables, why hate them so much, and the air blower is somehow wrong, of course, when your hands are out, everything immediately becomes wrong, i just wanted ratatouille, he is tattooed for, yes, lesh , i found people who took this drug to increase potency, pathetic losers, so some of them actually complained about very severe side effects. what does the drug look like? red pills? wait, what's your business? did you take these drugs? no, of course, why the hell should i care about them? well, exactly, among them there was indeed one very aggressive one who threatened kovalchuk, his name is christian, the director of a modeling agency. yes, do you have his coordinates? yes, okay, christian, come on, modeling agency,

11:30 am

i know where it is, that's it, i'm on... here it is, we let's start, superstar, the topic of today is out of place, of course, i did not expect such a transformation of these artists, and where is the re-transformation, in my worst nightmare i could not imagine.

11:31 am

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11:35 am

victory! preserve the history of the great patriotic war for future generations! call and order a commemorative medal using a toll-free phone number or on the website ordenvov.rf. stars. the final. on saturday at 21:20 on ntv. 2 years ago he found in our studio brother and met his sister. 99.9. sister. olga. do you want to meet victor's children? yes, of course i want. and after visiting his brother with his wife, he could not come to his senses for a long time. leads an immoral lifestyle. three minor children live in

11:36 am

conditions that are impossible for them to be there, and everything there is black, everything is musty, the children are dirty. together with their sister, they decided that it was impossible to leave their nephews in such conditions under any circ*mstances. my husband and i want to limit victor’s parental rights. and his wife, who will the children stay with now? girl the older sister wants to take us, and we two boys, we communicated normally, but why do you want to help us pick up the child? dna, today at 17:50 on ntv, we saw, we saw how everyone wants me, that’s it, come on faster, i won’t be able to resist for long, another 5 minutes and i’ll... so

11:37 am

what’s going on here, what a mess, hello, christian, one face, straight, come here, where are you going? well, he left, he left, okay, your smart dog is not as smart as you wanted, where, who, who saw, the girl, where did they run, hello, watchman, where does this live? ronald is ours, f*ck off, nowhere, no, seriously, max, nowhere, he has some kind of photo studio in the center. but i think he just takes

11:38 am

models there, f*ck off, doktan, i beg you, don’t be smart, you just sent me the address, thank you, dear, what do you need, i suggest, yes, maybe you don’t, no, you need it , we need to divide and multiply, that’s right, you ’re looking for a peasant, of course, you’re a peasant, and i’m interrogating, uh, stupid dog, do you think i’ll go in the trunk, or something, let’s get out of here, and now watch what happens now , come on, come on, come on, just be silently jealous, it’s already scary, well, girls, you want it, of course you want it, all the girls want to meet the famous craftsman.

11:39 am

it’s envious, yes, they conferred, but i still don’t understand, it’s just a little dark here, they didn’t have time to see my sights, well , get it, boast that you’re embarrassed, what is it, and what are they expired or what? hello, girls, i’m so relaxed, you too, we would like cristiano ronaldo, myself.

11:40 am

call, oh, you should go, professor, to the car, tell the sins, i’ll take them, it’s all on me, i’ll take them i’m already taking it, oh-oh-oh, although you’re right, i think i’ll go, quietly, quietly, in an amicable way, come out, come on. well, move the pistons, are you

11:41 am

under arrest, an attack by a police officer, this is already a crime, you know, even against such a person, it’s clear why you ran in the first place, but i’m afraid of dogs, that’s it, it’s too early, too early. they are afraid of dogs - this is not a crime, okay, after kovalchuk, why did you follow the dog-phobe, you are ours, but you don’t have to do it, but i can, thank you, i would like to talk , what to talk about, okay, i admit, i wanted to punch him in the face, right now , that's it, article, well that i didn’t want to kill him, although for what he did, killing him is not enough. what did he do?

11:42 am

yes, after his pills, my potency not only did not increase, but completely ended, but in show business everything is simple, it’s either you or you, well, you see, everything is simple, the pills are what color, blue, red, igor, what difference does it make to you, you neither others drank, because so, i , no, no, it’s a useless attempt, go, go, go, where you were going, go, well, you too will have to take one test, a small one, now,

11:43 am

well... “from below as - not much like a criminal similar, i know, i didn’t even think about killing him, we know, you were watching him, something strange, noticed something unusual, maybe the professor often went to the same motel, i was waiting for him there that day, but he never showed up, he had a good reason, he..." but well, the hotel needs to be checked, let's go,

11:44 am

i don't want to at all, girls, don't dos. what do you say? gnezdilov stole experimental pills from kovalchuk's office. yes, only he ate little red one, i needed a little blue pill. actions don’t have a repulsive effect on life, that’s it. the repulsive person is not interested in this nest, he has an innate talent, maybe he can somehow give them to us, that you are a professor, why spoil a beautiful thing, go, sit down, yes, i agree,

11:45 am

i agree, such women have gone, but they are afraid, everyone is afraid, they are afraid of the strong feelings, afraid to lose your head from your health, that’s it, you keep getting sick, right? nothing, i got some treatment, and you ’re great, too, look, you’re just getting started, and suddenly you stopped something, noticed, yes, noticed, igor, grandfather of sin, let’s drive unsuccessfully, come on, come on, grandfather, girl, yes, i bought meat, yes, of course, he’s marinating in a nest in the table,

11:46 am

11:47 am

he would look like if he climbed up the stairs, i would tell you exactly how to do it, the dog will drive him, well, okay, how do you explain this to him, he doesn’t need to explain, it’s him, it’s he, for sure, i recognized him, quieter, quieter, quieter, otherwise then you glass... where my dear one went, it’s closed, go down, take the dog away, be sure. come on, hold on for now,

11:48 am

they are successful, rich, loved, and value every kilogram of theirs, i have words of antonyms, there are words like stairs, on foot, far, my only dream was, so that i would walk, and they would shout after me, cornelia mango, how the actor roman popov put his body to work, roman popov is 39 full years old, in some places he defeated cancer, there was no such thing. that’s it, i give up, no, i give up, it wasn’t, i saw my pregnant wife, this is the brain, that is, a little to the right, a little to the left, and you touch some important centers, how many years has the comedy star nadezhda angarskaya been looking for her happiness? , i think that you are so small, damn it, again in general, smaller than you, of course, like cornelia mango due to obsession with losing weight i almost said goodbye to my life, girls, please don’t do bullsh*t, and personal drama, the stars of the series dayarka from hatzopetovka, and what? why did he leave? love is over. stars in big weight, a million-dollar secret.

11:49 am

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11:54 am

he will want to remove him, but we won’t let him, we’ll take it seriously, yes, professor. agree, well, now no longer, of course not, i can’t be nervous, you know how many micro-infarctions i had, 18, what, 18, tablets, i took 18 tablets, that’s it, it’s an overdose, my personal life is over, so, let gnezdilov be a live bait, he has nothing to lose, without a woman his life has lost all meaning. gnezdilov doesn’t want to live, it’s time, it’s time, it’s time to become a taxi driver.

11:55 am

how do you think he will kill me? and soon we’ll find out, he has a syringe, listen, i somehow feel uneasy, i’ve probably changed my mind, i agree to live without women, i’ll manage somehow on my own. i’m not a professor, i’m from the homicide department, professor maksimov is at his house, here’s the address,

11:56 am

right? i have injections, i know, i know where he is, i know where he is, i went to your house to dial the witness has been replaced, did you tell the killer where the professor is, that he’s mentally retarded, he just guessed through me, i’m not mentally retarded, i’m just afraid of injections. professor elinsky? no, how is this possible? you're an intelligent person , you're lying, it's not good to lie. yes, i am ilyinsky. and i, i know who you are. and you probably know why i’m here. i can guess about this. what is this, what do

11:57 am

you have? this is a syringe, it contains poison, do you want to know the composition? not really. doggie. that, oh, that’s not bad, i ’ll come on the other side now, i’ll take it into the cauldron, go, actually, don’t help in any way, then you, get out of here, pour it on i’m a criminal, didn’t you want to live at all? i can’t now, i’m closed, i’m surrounded, what is it, come on, professor, you again, let’s get out of here, i’m actually

11:58 am

the only one, i’m the only one, i’m actually listed in the red book, execution. is this him, oh, all you can do than rich, do you have this? from morshyn rotata, thank you again, buddy, for

11:59 am

extinguishing the fire, well, now you don’t have to protect me anymore, it’s a pity, our nesting one, yes, he died a brave death, finally, who? slept death among the brave, so they injected you with what i injected, poison, where, in the ass, and this, no, it’s not scary, i’m protected, i have a keyboard there, you know, it’s very reckless to leave a gun in your coat pocket in the corridor, and it’s loaded? what have you done? you have just shot your

12:00 pm

only witness with your own pistol, now all you have to do is shoot yourself. yes, he’s alive, why the hell do we need him already, i don’t agree, look, he’s alive. well, i couldn’t be left without protection, by the way, i’m also your main frying pan, here’s my protection, here’s my keyboard, but i must admit, i didn’t underestimate your dog, that’s him great idea with the fire extinguisher. yes, igor, of course it’s a little old for such magazines, yes, it’s just the least of me, i have

12:01 pm

a more serious problem here, i’m not surprised, i don’t feel anything for women, so i already have it, like that. and zero, no movement, well, this is a side effect from the drug taken, listen, lenka, what do you think, this will last for a long time, it’s difficult to say, perhaps for the rest of my life, and we all really hope for this, then oh well, but i i won’t do this, i won’t need to... move on from police in show business, everything is simple there, either you, or him, yes, or me, you

12:02 pm

liked everything, yes, please bring the bill, okay. today we have something to do at the restaurant, plus a gift, i’ll help you take it to the car.

12:03 pm

and you will wash it, the food is again scrambled eggs, not that i don’t know how to cook anything else, i like maybe scrambled eggs. you're eating yours over there, is that what you have here is a fillet and oh, excuse me, a lamb in your own saku, well , look, there's a whole lamb, come and go for a run today instead of food? nest ostarich,

12:04 pm

how scary is it to imagine what is needed? yes, igor, max, it’s me, can you help me man to man? i can, of course, give you the phone number of a proctologist or urologist? i have a phone, that’s not what i’m talking about, you can say, it’s not mine anymore, that i spent the night with you, yeah, i see, what else can i say, but you couldn’t persuade me? after all , put it down, but what good do you do, it starts during the day, no, just tell me, i ’ll never eat like that, yes, lyosha, we’re having a kidnapping, f*ck the mother, this is some kind of revenge for me, why? revenge, maybe

12:05 pm

demand a ransom, yes, yes? of course, lesh, you're right. okay, let's go, i'll kill you later. you bitch, maxim, i once asked you as a human being, to help me like a man, because of you, klava created such a scandal, because of myself, igor, because of myself, because changing it is immoral and unhygienic, it’s generally stupid to lie, he ’ll find out everything anyway, it’s okay, i got out of it, said that i was in an ambush, and you’ll be forever shuffling around with the dog, you bastard, you brute, what are

12:06 pm

you doing, what? well, new tricks, well, you’re not tired of it yet, this is an ambush for you from the dog, personally you, well, it’s okay, i’m vindictive, i ’ll take revenge, just be careful, otherwise klava won’t get upset, well, calm down, hello, i’ll take away for a second that irina famina, 36 years old, husband is a businessman, hello, hello, i can i continue? having paid, i looked out the window and saw how the waiter said that she had not left ; she was being forcefully pushed into a gray minibus, the brand number, i punched the numbers, naturally stolen from yesterday, she was accompanied to the minibus by another waiter, well, not a waiter to be exact , someone dressed up as a waiter, because that he doesn’t work here, you probably need to contact your husband, most likely they will call him, demand a ransom, they will probably call him, if of course they are going to return her. do you

12:07 pm

think that she is not going to be returned? what about this fake waiter, he didn’t hide his face? no, that means, because irina can get to know him, that means don’t give him a hint, that means i’m not going to return him, oh, what a smart husband you have, every third business is developing with an ecosystem circuit, based on real developments, this is its own game, this. .. performed 30 years, 172 thousand questions, we are all as beautiful as ever, we will play 160,000 answers, let 's play, let's play, 132. correct answers, you studied history well, 48 million rubles in winnings, as well as 21 kg of money, the value of which is still unknown to me so far, 20 cars, 20 times the winners have left

12:08 pm

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12:13 pm

maybe we can find some clue, home? yes, okay, let's go! i just can’t understand why they don’t call, but in different ways, maybe, maybe kidnapping not for the purpose of ransom, that is, but because of what, we’ll figure it out, i’ll take you this, be careful, what are you doing? photograph, no, you can’t, it’s personal, so i’m not taking it to make you happy, that’s right, at least take a photo, no, i told you, this is...

12:14 pm

zhlabera, oh, oh, interesting rhinoceros, uh-huh, uh-huh. what are you doing? i want to look into your laptop.

12:15 pm

password, please tell me. for what? we will look at your email and social network profiles. perhaps the kidnappers left demands there. yes, they didn’t send it anywhere, so let’s not you will touch my laptop. fine? are you stopping me from working? yes, give me the laptop, i said, give it to me for a second, give it to me. no need to shout like that, malin. “actually, this is my wife, let’s tell you the password, what versions will everyone have, love, fidelity, none, vadim doesn’t love his wife, how do you know, come on, she just looked on the computer”? no,

12:16 pm

okay, well, he doesn’t love his wife, what does this give us, there are two news, both bad, which one to start with, let’s go with the bad one, yes, the bad one, grigory antipov recently came out of prison, served 5 years for being armed robbery, the stolen thing was a witness in his case, and now revenge is in sight, he may want to kill. and irina, but where he lives now is unknown, he used to live near the station, uh-huh, so, what’s the bad news then, the boss removed you and leonidov from the investigation, for a fight, or something, uh-huh, this is the third news, catastrophic. yes, vakhta, you know what

12:17 pm

they did with messengers like you in ancient times, i don’t know, i’ll go read in the library, limonidov, he quickly cleaned up the fifth ass from the machalnik’s table, the boss’s order, everyone heard, here so here it is. bring it, i still have to tell you, sit down, i said, bring it, i don’t understand, don’t you understand who’s the leader here now? go, go, go, go, go, go, like this, now i’ll take revenge for everything, you brute, why the hell are you doing this, ah! you’re a creature, you ’re such a thing, i’ll take revenge on you, and not in small ways, but

12:18 pm

in big ways, it’s gnyazdilov who thinks, who’s in small ways, in big ways, i ’ll go to the station in the meantime, i’ll talk to this anti-sex, you’re not going anywhere, you’re suspended, this is an order, suspended, that's right, and you're suspended, well ok, then i’ll go to the archives, rummage through the papers, and then i’ll go to the laboratory and wash the test tubes. well, why am i going to the metro? well, i'll punch someone in the face.

12:19 pm

what do you need? no, nothing, nothing, i just came to see, go where you were going, and i was going here, well now get out of here, i won’t go, what was i shaking or something, i’ll have to direct, if anything happens, i’m not with them, but me, went,

12:20 pm

why? i don’t know, i don’t work with him, no, you don’t, yes, that’s right, but where does he live? behind the station, so the street, may pink four, i realized what, you can mark the trains for now, let me whistle, will you come running?

12:21 pm

get lost, if anything happens, i don’t know you, i don’t understand, what is this, i don’t understand, this is normal, don’t be scared, everything is fine, what are you doing here, but we’re not doing anything, we ’re walking, yeah. so i checked for you, what are you sniffing out here, since you can sniff out something here, after you, and your wife warmed you up like a soldering iron, don’t be smart, i came up with an iron grease, understand? yes, which one, yes, it’s surprising, i’ll say that i chose and tried perfumes as gifts on myself, and mind, great, i

12:22 pm

see, i also chose you and the wig, yes, yours mother, f*ck off, you're chasing him, f*ck you, you bastard, when will you get enough, huh?

12:23 pm

arrived, let's go out, come on, come on, come on, come on, we open the back door with our hands, i can't, i have a fracture, you have a fracture, oh, you

12:24 pm

're healthy, great! you yourself can’t see the fur coat, the coat is blue wool. where did this come from a camel, it’s clear that you don’t

12:25 pm

sew, what kind of witness is irina in your past case, i don’t remember any irina that he stole, i admit, i didn’t kidnap anyone, tell me, aren’t you an idiot, are you vasilyich? you have fur coats for yourselves , plus an attack by an employee the police are on duty, but it’s strange that a dozen others didn’t pick up their bus along the way, where was it last night? i don’t remember, in the garage, probably, that’s probably not a, put it there, right, and don’t growl at the wounded man,

12:26 pm

by the way, that explains the scratch on the back and the hickey on the neck, and where on the neck, yes, apparently, yes , damn, listen, and you tell me that a criminal tried to rip your throat out, um, you will help a man, and i’ll give you half a year’s worth of clothes, i’ll give you a bone, well, okay, he confesses everything to me anyway, listen, it’s true , let him admit it that he’s also coming and gutting him, he’s all over here... good, what area is this in our area? this is not in the area, this is in our region, yaberni. great, he confesses everything to me, bitch, i'll gut all the sh*t out here,

12:27 pm

come on, confess, and bitch, this is a show of stars, a grand finale, what, the finale, in this finale i will do what i do best all it turns out is a divorce. kir - participates in the show until it hits again. moscow and beijing have recently become very close. he says the last beijing is very moscow friendship. i want to understand why in our village people are dying. yes, because you extinguish them. what are you saying, who is this? yes, i got microloans, this is their collector. money is dust, and me? vacuum cleaner, i’m a little worried, as before sparring i don’t want to blow dmitry malikov,

12:28 pm

in the sconce, your performance is just a complete merchant, the stars are in the final, today six finalists will perform before us, but there will be only one winner, on saturday at 21:20 on ntv, via superstar, premiere on sunday at 20:20 on ntv. i hate only very bad people who take the best from the worst and give it to children that uncle lyosha. i'm an experienced person, i've done this twice, but i'm also humble. uncle lyosha, a criminally good comedy, watch it now on kiion. this is the security service. enter the code from sms. let's do this, if you manage to outwit me, i will return the stolen money to the client. order a tinkof mobile sim card and protect your bank accounts from telephone scammers. tinkov, he’s the only one. all goods have already arrived here, summer sale on ozone. uvelka buckwheat for 359. lain trousers for 719.

12:29 pm

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12:33 pm

mass destruction, created in secret military laboratories, this will be your central television, on saturday at 19:00 on ntv, hello, someone so cute, whose dog is this, you are my such a good dog, hello, dali, hello, and you how do you know me? for a long time in service, and i didn’t do anything, and i’m not accusing anyone yet, wait, dari, i’m talking about irina’s kidnapping, and what do i have to do with this, i don’t yet i know, okay, i met with vadim, who told you, it doesn’t matter, continue, very good, interesting, we started, in general, i met with vadim, i thought that he

12:34 pm

would leave ira and go to me, but... i didn’t either .

12:35 pm

oh, sorry, dear!

12:36 pm

move, that's all, quiet, quiet, but what, what is he doing? just like that, quietly, quietly, wow, hello, long time no see, untie me, but to you, thank you, you feel bad,

12:37 pm

my problems are already in my hands, in a woman’s way, in a woman’s way, problems, aggravations, intuitions, here i am , so i approach the woman. to anyone, to anyone, and she immediately calls, that’s how, how does she guess, a coincidence, a coincidence? i don’t think so, look, leana, i want to invite you to dinner in the sauna today, come, you see, this is how it is, well, how is it, well , what do you want from me?

12:38 pm

i was only there for the money, and the masks staged the show because of the money, too, but i found out that irka was stolen, we called vadim, we thought

12:39 pm

that he would believe me and pay, they dropped in price, the real kidnappers asked for more, and we are not greedy we don't need any more, do you have any ideas about who could have kidnapped irina? i don’t know, but she also had a lover, and how do you know, i introduced them, we begin the operation, heavenly bushes, co*ckerels, i’m a chicken, what the hell does it matter, you’ll play the wife of a mistress, a husband-kidnapper, why me, because if what, don’t you... feel sorry for these moronic questions, as soon as the money is in the hands of the kidnappers, we immediately begin the contents, our main weapon is surprise and the color of surprise.

12:40 pm

here is my dark green beloved, why me again? yes, because i still don’t feel sorry for you, don’t be stupid, sea, the battle is not a joke, but it starts for you, but i didn’t forget my cosmetic bag, of course i took it, it’s all with me, well, that’s it, put the money in my car, but so that it’s unnoticed, so that no one notices, especially maksimov, but i’m not looking, well, look i ’m fine, i look, i say, well, you know that if you give the money to the kidnappers, irina can be killed, and you? yes, maksimov, with

12:41 pm

limonidov, yes, for the duration of the examination , in general, excommunicated from the department, they are obliged to sit in the department without leaving, but as he says, lemons, watch out, mom, mom - this is a signal to retreat, everyone in the car, lemons, that means, you answer to your boss with your head. for these two, if they run, i allow you to shoot at the dog, at this one, well, he wasn’t hiding under a tree, well, the camouflage works, no, they’re just a tree in life, well, that’s all, good, thank you,

12:42 pm

hello, what’s the news about what do you say, you were right, put it back, verina has a lover, and you don’t believe in women’s intuition, no, i don’t, but the mistress could have found out from the computer, everything else from leonov leonidov’s conversation, oh well , you are biased towards me, but how do you explain an all-seeing nesting wife? yes, everything can be explained, maybe, maybe she put a bug on him, maybe, or maybe not, there are not such phenomena in life yet, maxim, yes, i’m sure that klavdia olegovna is still that phenomenon, rest assured, we are starting a superstar, the topic

12:43 pm

of today day at ease, of course i did not expect such a transformation of these artists, but where is the retransformation, in a nightmare i could not imagine the song would be sung by labute.

12:44 pm

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12:48 pm

platinum credit cards they do not charge any commissions or interest for transfers of platinum so knows how to arrange ting of platinum credit card and transfer to sit,

12:49 pm

this is them. get ready, well that's what you should do prove, no, you better not watch, it’s horror, anxiety, pain, pain, where is the money, and where is irina? the main thing is, don’t be stupid, otherwise we’ll finish her off right away, who are you, you’re not her husband, do you need a husband or money?

12:50 pm

what is this, this is an ambush, friends, bandits, the captain is talking to you. swallow, or you let the concubine go, or i will blow everyone up to the monk, count of three, lie down, the fight is in full swing. missed, mediocrity,

12:51 pm

yes, she is not my mistress, if only, yes, the criminals were already in my hands, so with these mandalas, is there anything you can do, thank you, i’ll call you back, and i said that they will return, get ready, oh-oh,

12:52 pm

i’ll squeeze out the money myself, igor nikolaevich, as always, it took so long, so we got straight from the other world, what happened? “i suggest you quickly divide the money and run away, there’s no point hanging around here, but iraq, you need ira or money, actually she came up with everything, well, i suggest dumping her, she still has a rich husband, it’s logical that she won’t pawn us anyway can, and i will get more, not only you, we will divide her share equally, and what is this dog, your dog, hello, kiys!

12:53 pm

now i'm going to rip your guts out, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, did you have a gun the whole time? well, yes and

12:54 pm

what? you are crazy? i have a little, bro, relax, well done, are you the most cunningly invented, or what? well, look, your friends got it all, but are you the chosen one? it’s me, why am i, these are friends, i’ll be offended, i want to drink to my saviors, to the people thanks to whom everything is fine now, thank you, thank you, well, it’s not worth it, this is my job, for you, stop it, thank you. ira, is everything okay?

12:55 pm

yes, i'm just a little tired, i need to go home, what right now? well, okay, i'll take you then. hello, sit, sit, why are you, there is no truth at your feet. oh! don’t tell me igor, of course you’ll excuse me, but they don’t allow dogs into this restaurant, but that’s okay, i forgive you, it’s fine, sit, maximov, here people are cultured... people eat, i sympathize with you, and you’re at home from the same bowl you’ll live, i understand, and you’re already celebrating, it’s such a holiday, your professional one, yes, well, of course, the captain was on a mission, he saved my wife, what are you talking about? you go, go, we don’t need anything from you anymore, captain nestilov, we have a unique creature, listed in the red book, and i was just passing by,

12:56 pm

you know, i’m thinking, what if you need to give me some money, but no, so, okay, what kind of money, the money drowned, where did it come from? from the camel igor, or rather from your wife’s lover, what a clever girl, really, yes, she organized everything, kidnapping, it’s not excluded, maybe i’m lying, they wanted to divide your share among themselves, so here it is, who can’t be trusted, yes exactly. dear slavochka, well, there were no women there, it was a dangerous task, a fight, what difference does it make, so what if it’s in a restaurant, it’s not dangerous in a restaurant, and just like i took you some tasty treats, klava, my blue nose is not from drunkenness, because,

12:57 pm

because i was wounded in the nose, he was also wounded in other organs. well, that’s how she guessed, well , how did she find out about the restaurant, and i also blurted out about other organs, she’ll check, you’re talking to us, well, who else, i don’t know, the real one, where, you touch yours, me too this is necessary, bacchante, leave me, oh, no, i’m a pacifist, i won’t do such a thing, leonidov, please, no, vigorya, you know how well i treat you, well, maksimov, bitch, leave me, no, rather a male, you know how much you piss me off, but i can’t boss beat, okay, i got it, i got it, assholes, okay, i’ll do it myself, without the snotty ones, that’s right, that’s

12:58 pm

right, wait a second, yes, let’s hurry up, i’m still getting ready, and you’re still in the mood. that's it, come on, well, well, honestly, well, if i were klava, i wouldn’t believe it, no, no, okay, how do you like this number, listen, really, my heart bleeds, well, it’s a pity man, you’re still with him, you’re still with me. well, if only in honor of the holiday, in honor of the holiday, well , come on, honey, let's go with you, but come on, well, he doesn't piss me off, something, wait, what if, what if so, oh, exactly, but , thank you,

12:59 pm

i’m tired of it , i always said that female cunning and solidarity replaces logic and intuition, that’s what i always say, well done.

1:00 pm

strategic interaction, vladimir putin arrived in china on a state visit, the prime minister of slovakia is in prison after assassination attempts stable condition, what are the attacker's motives? there are deaths and hundreds of wounded in the zamos territory of france, and protests are sweeping new caledonia. about the main thing for this minute in the studio ilya fedorovtsev. hello. the strategic course for the development of relations between russia and china meets the interests of the peoples of the two countries. these relationships are built on a foundation. neighborhood, equality and support. vladimir putin announced this today. during his visit to the prc, the president held a separate meeting with the premier of the state council of leitsang. chapter states.

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У полицейского Максима Максимова за плечами много раскрытых преступлений. На работе он на хорошем счету, но личная жизнь не складывается. Жена уходит к его лучшему другу и коллеге Леонидову. Беда не приходит одна - во время очередного дела Максима подставляют. Он остается без работы, друзей, денег, и начинает пить.Внезапно ему приходит смс от бывшего шефа и тестя Жарова. Максим приезжает к нему домой и оказывается на месте преступления. Тело его убитого родственника охраняет раненая овчарка. Прибывшие оперативники предлагают застрелить собаку, но Максим забирает ее к себе домой. Вместе с новым другом по кличке Пёс бывший полицейский начинает вести собственные расследования. Напарникам предстоит раскрыть убийство Жарова и другие запутанные дела.В новых сериях Максимов продолжит раскрывать преступления вместе с четырёхлапым коллегой. Если в первом сезоне они только притирались друг к другу, то сейчас это полноценные напарники. Каждый день Максимов и Пёс рискуют собственными жизнями в схватке с преступностью. Если на поле боя Максимову удаётся одержать победу, то в личной жизни до гармонии ещё далеко. Ему приходится иметь дело с бывшим другом и коллегой Леонидовым, который в прошлом сезоне увёл у Максимова жену. Чувства к бывшей супруге всё ещё напоминают о себе...

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