My real life inflation chronicles (2024)

Won't do much for saying "don't do this at home, cuz I did home". Do what you want, but do it safely. Alao, aorry about typos and typing, I am typing this on my ipad, which sucks for autocorrect.

I promise if you keep reading, you'll learn a little bit of what I've actually found to be safe inflation practices. Also, I am a regular body size male, and you'd probably never be able to pick me out of a crowd.

So, in the beggining I started as a kid who thought it was funny to shove inflated balloons into my shirt and doing whatever kids do ( i always did enjoy the silky balloon feeling on the skin though, but never knew that wasnt normal)

Going forward a bit, I never really got any of the "this is your penis( yes i am male), you have foreskin that you can pull back, etc"

so, the next time I had done anything would have been using one of those bulbs (smaller than your fist) and for some odd reason thought i wanted to try use it to pump a little bit of the air into my penis (now i know it was my foreskin), and the first bubble of air blew up my foreskin a little bit. I was definitely enthused, as I remember my heart pumping like mad with exhilliration. For the record, i had never masturbat*d nor knew what masterbati*n was.

fast forward a few of these sessions later, and i had been blowung my foreskin up and it felt so good, that I had my first org*sm. Definitely didnt know what was happening, so it kind of blew my mind.

This would have been my "Aha" moment that would lead me to adventure further into inflation.

i'll quickly go through the transition of how this all went and progressed as I adventured with my body...( was probably 11 when it all started)

I continued to use the ear cleaning bulb to blow up my foreskin, which was great,, but like most of you, i wanted more.

later, same bulb, used it to shoot air into my but. Small quantities of air to start, but then tried to push myself.

had my first cramp situation, got scared and thought i was dying. I didnt die. Lol

thought there must be a way to incorporate balloons into my regimen. Started blowing up a balloon, and shoving the nozzle end up my butt, and thrn sitting on the balloon to fill myself up. This was definitely a point that I thought took me to the next level. It was probably around this point that I found (woohooo)

by this progression, id move to using water balloons (messy if breaks) and then using the shower hose to fill myself up.

reccomendation for using the shower hose:

use warm water

fill the tub with nice warm water

turn the lights off if you can

use the shower hose and try visualize your expansion.

might just be my preference, but Id always fill myself up as much as I could bear before having to poo, then id get up and run to the toilet and release it all and start it over again. You feel really clean after the third or fourth time and you will hold a lot more too.

so, this would have been my go to, BUT as you grow up, you cant just have a bath every day...

this is when I kind of realized masterbati*n(during the last few steps)... I always found that having the shower hose on a fairly slow fill and when i started to get the inbetweeny full feeling, Id start masterbating and I would feel as full(although water was still filling), so by the time I was ready to go off, there was so much pressure built up against what I now know as my prostate that Id have some of the most intense org*sms of my life.

by that point, I probably had 3-4 purges or enemas, so Id just release it all into the tub.

lots of satisfaction, and now you are clean inside and out.


I did a short stint of cutting a hole in the end of a balloon just big enough for me penis but small enough that the balloon still sealed around my penis.Id put my penis into the balloon from one wnd and out of the other. Then id inflate the balloon with a bike pump needle (inserted getnly alongside my penis). It was a neat feeling as well, amd would recommend. Give the feeling of grabbing and jacking off your inflated penis.

Forward we go onto thenext step on my adventure overtime which would be bladder inflation

Id use the same shower head, and on low to mid pressure, id line up the hose with my urethra. This would give a few joltsand stream of water going into the bladder. Didnt feel too great, but figured id get over it given the realization I was inflating my bladder. With this, I might skip this step as the way i dis it would leave you a little twnder if done for a long time in one night. When you had to pee, id just push a teensy bit later (imagining some sexy vixen was actually controlling the hose was pretty exciting), but not going too far.

I will not lie, i did get 2-3 urinary tract infectionsrobably due to more of the conditions that I was messing around in, but just get some macrobid and let it do its stuff.

so, now since you've been patient reading all of the in between stuff, let me tell you what gets me terribly excitable now:

1. Use helium. Feels 100pct better than water or air. Very easy to come by now in little helium balloon kits at like walmart or costco or something. Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. Helium passes through your system so much easier with little to no cramps at all. Coat is like $25 and it is fairly easily explainable to non-inflationists

2. Get small aquarium hose (cleaned in soapy water if you are worried, but make sure it is NEW and not used or anything grungy like that). For male inflation, this is a small enough profile that with a bit of lube (i used baby oil honestly due to the ease in covering up why you have it).

i use the tube for both anal inflation as well as a lot of bladder inflation.

for bladder inflation, lubing up the hose and slowly easing it into your badder is the most pleasurable Ive felt. The helium is such an almost silky gas that you feel more like a balloon everytime. No issues with helium ever as well. Ive used it directly inflating my bladder for years now. Helium seems to compress more than air as well, so less chance of hurting yourself due to overinflating as well.(ive never had any overinflating issues at all)

3. Use a condom attached to a hose fill your anus up.

firstly, a new condom is more sanitary, but also means you dont really make a big mess or any downtime or farts due to degassing at all. Two things you can do to enjoy the condom:

you can use rubber bands( i like to use the clear hairbands for doin like cornrolls in hair, as they are small, clean and you buy like 200 for a few bucks.

use the rubber bands doubled up to be super tight around the condom which is on that hose. Insert condom and hose into anus. Inflate condom with helium tank slowly (enjoy it). When you are just at the " i need to poop" feeling, take some helium out, then pull the hose free from the condom. If you tied the rubber band or elastic tight enough, the condom is now inside you, inflated, and making you feel giddy. Do not worry about the balloon getting stuck in you or anything like that. Just savor the feeling of being trully inflated like a helium balloon and do whatever you want.

If you wanted to, Id suggest starting up that same hose with another condom and inflate yourself with two condoms at the same time. If you can imagine it, the condoms and helium are so soft within you, you can get them further up your anus past one of your valves for some REALLY awesome feelings. Dont stress out about getting to that point, as you will do it one time and feel Likea " shwoop" as the balloon bridges the valve to the upper part of your anus.

One last switchup. Think of it as advanced mode:

one your hose, have one consom with elastics ready to shut the condom once you pull the tube out. Them add a second consom around that condom, and attach an elastic the same way.

what you are going to try to do: fill the first condom with water via hose. Slide the hose off that condom to seal the water balloon. Them take the second condom which is still attached to the hose, and fill that one bigger with helium. Now remove the hose from that condom to seal up the helium condom.

You are now full of a balloon which has its own water balloon in it. As you might gather, when you have this all the way inside you, you can jump and feel the water balloon bouncing inside you. Very neat feeling as well

So, that is my experience in anal inflation up to date with some variability. If at any point do you get worried about the balloons/condoms ever coming down, have a quick jump in the shower to spray some water up there and that will get things moving. I use condoms as they are very soft amd inflatable, so they come out really easy and pleasureably.

so, onto my even more advanced method of inflation which is bladder inflation. Still delving into this one yet as it seems a bit more scary mentally, but it is very rewarding.

two ways Ive done it. With condom or without condom.

Without condom, just use helium and dont pressure up to the point of pain ( which might at that point seem like pleasure - trust me, Ive done it). Ive never had any issues (other than one exception which Il get into) which was more to do with me being dumb lol.

For both methods, use a hose to bridge into the bladder. Lune it up good. Use the end of the baby oil bottle to inject baby oil down your urethra of you want an extra smooth ride. Once you get to the bladder, youll get to the "gate" or the valve that stops you from peeing yourself. It will likely feel fairly uncomfortable to slowly ease past this while pushing the tube further, but I've had no ill effects from doing it this way. Once it goes in, you'll know because a little pee will likely escape.

Once in the bladder, inflate as you wish, remembering not to go too far. Just because I want to share, I had once actually i serted the tube in lile normal, then thought I wanted to see how much I could pressure up, so I wound two balloons (all that I had) around my foreskin and tied them into a knot I knew I could undo later.

so, effectively sealing off my bladder, as usually if the pressure just gets too high in your bladde, the helium will just make a pathast the hose amd out your penis. But since, I effectively tied my penis in a knot to trap the helium, things changed. By all measures, this was probably the most damgerous thing I had done to date, but I was having the longest and most intense org*sm Ive ever had or could imagine. Like a 5 minute eye popping org*sm. No jokes.

i had essentially kept pressuring up until I could feel the pressure on the bladder walls. I felt this and enjoyed this heavily, but since I was this far, I wanted to go bigger, I wanted to feel what it would be like to actually inflate my body's own balloon. And that I did. I had kept putting pressure until my whole urethra stayed open (think of one of those long skinny balloon animal balloons semi inflated) and to which my foreskin then inflated as well. At this point, I was feeling so much intensity, I took a second to look at what I had done. It looked freat, pretty much looked like a balloon. At this point, I had a rational thought and said "this is big enough, I dont want to get hurt". But, since I was already this farm I figured Id leave myself inflated for a little whilw amd fewl myself about.

So, I took the tube out. The balloons that banded my foreskin together held up. Woohoo! I thought this was great. Very rarely can you get this far without having a hose still attached. Then I started rubbing and feeling the tension in my foreskin and realized that my foreskin was pretty much the bulb that I used to use as a kid.

i compressed my foreskin balloon and it of course inflated mu bladder more. Since my urethra was already fully open with no barrier, the helium moved freely. All the helium I had pushed back into my bladder had stretched it out again with a crazy amount of pain and pleasure. At this, I started to rhythmically inflate nd defalte my bladder with my foreskin balloon. This drove me nuts! Literally I am typing this with my hands shaking just remembering it from like 2 years ago. This is when the org*sm happened. My whole body started straining with the magnitude of the org*sm, and with the straining, everything tightened up, including my bladder, which eacalated the org*sm even more. I could not tell time, I kept juat think that I had successfully inflated myself like a balloon and now I was stretching that very balloon to the point of popping. Just that thought alone excited me more irrationally than it should have.

After such ann exhausting org*sm I had to physically rip off the balloons tied around my foreskin because I could handle it any more.

just like you could imagin, there was a huge whooah to which all of that helium left my system to relieve the pressure. I took a moment to compose myself, as I was literally thinking I was so close to blowing myself up too much and popping my bladder, but I was fine.

other than the next few times I peed, having penis farts of helium, there were no issues to be found.

so, I had to share that experience, both cause I thought it was amazing, but also to maybe show that once you get to that point, it is very hard to think rationally anymore. So, as an alternative, I'll give you a suggestion to so it safer.

blowing up condom in bladder :

what my big stupid moment was back in the day after my episode above, was trying to recreate the feeling without the chance of hurting myself. One try did not go so well:

i saw a video about guy who inflated what looked like a condom in his bladder and slowly pulled the tube out with the condom which had a very satisfying wnding when the condom got inflated as it left his urethra ( think of it, pretty exciting). That is all fine and good, but it seemed like he had a crazy long condom that stuck out of his penis halfway when he inflated, so there was no chnce of the condom to get stuck inside the bladder. (Did you catch my foreshadowing?)

anyways, i was wary of buying some kind of 20" condom online and trying it, so I tried usong one of my own condoms, but figured it'd be okay to go all the way into my bladder if I tied it off well to the hose I used.

the hose I had used is actually used as a feeding tube for babies, it is like crazy skinny, so you could even feel it going into your urethra, and it was skinny enough that I could attach it to a condom and tied the to in a knot together, so when I pulled the tube out, the condom which was tied up with the tube would come out as well. Well, there was enough lube that even though the tube was fully tied into the condom in the beginning, once I started pulling the tube out, the tube alipped out from the knot and in stayed the inflated condom. CRAP!

this was the one time I was like "oh sh*t, Im going to have to confess my fetish to someone so they can take me to the hospital so I dont die or something" Long story short, passing an inflated balloon through your urethra is not going to happen and just go to the hospital. Wasnt that big of a deal, the nurses and doctors didnt really care how it got there, they were more like "ouch, we will see what we can do" which was greatly appreciated...

Anyways, no harmful effects. While I was there, I talked with the bladder doctor or whatever classification and he didnt make a big deal pf it. He just said, if I am going rt do this stuff again, make sure to have a better plan to get it out. There wasnt a "dont do that, or you wil die" speech or anything like that.

so, my recommendation is either dont use anything but a tube in your bladder, or use a condom, but plan on not having the condom seal once you pull the tube out. My way to do this is to have those same small hair elastics and only loop them around the condom end once so it keeps the condom sealed during inflating with helium, but when you pull the tube out, the condom will deflate in your bladder and youd be able to pass it when you pee. If you wanted to speed up the process, use the shower head to fill up your bladder, then pee. If it does come out the first time, just keep going til it does. It will come out, do not stress.

so, now you know my nitty gritty and know of another way to explore inflation safely (safer than using needles or any of that stuff that is breaking barriers that your body might mot be able to cope with.

let me know what you think! Anyone interested or have similar experiences?

My real life inflation chronicles (2024)
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