Malik Delgaty: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Everything to Know - (2024)

Malik Delgaty, real name is Justin Lesage, is a Canadian model, exotic dancer, and actor. Born on September 29, 2000, in Montréal, Québec, Canada, Malik stands at 6’3″ (1.91 m). He has become an internet sensation with a significant social media following. Known for his work in the gay adult film industry, Malik is also a popular Instagram influencer. His online success includes brand promotions, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

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Profile Summary

Real NameJustin Lesage
Stage NameMalik Delgaty
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 2000
Age 24 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
BirthplaceMontréal, Québec, Canada
Height6’3″ (1.91 m)
ProfessionModel, Exotic Dancer, Actor
Social MediaModel, Exotic Dancer, Actor
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
Net Worth$7 million
Instagram Followers145,000
Twitter Followers1.5 million

Malik Delgaty’s Early Life

Malik Delgaty grew up in Montréal, Québec, Canada. He keeps his family life private, so little is known about his upbringing. Malik was always passionate about fitness and athletics, which later helped his career.

Details about Malik’s education are limited, but he clearly focused on his career early on. His physical fitness and performance arts background played a crucial role in his professional journey.

How Old is Malik Delgaty?

Malik Delgaty: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Everything to Know - (1)

Malik Delgaty was born on September 29, 2000, and is 24 as of 2024. He is a Canadian national of Caucasian ethnicity, and his zodiac sign is Libra.

Malik is 6’3″ (1.91 m) tall, and Wight has a well-maintained, muscular physique weighing 230 lbs. His impressive height and fitness routine make him stand out in modeling and the adult film industry.

Professional Career

Malik started as a model, using his striking looks to gain attention. He then moved into exotic dancing, where he quickly became popular. These early experiences helped him build a unique persona that resonated with his audience.

Malik’s career took off when he entered the gay adult film industry. His debut at Campus in Montreal was a hit, making him a fan favorite. In 2022, offered him an exclusive contract, which propelled him into the spotlight.

The exclusive contract with in 2022 was a major milestone for Malik. Known for his role as an “Alpha Top,” his performances earned widespread acclaim. His professionalism and dedication set him apart, earning him a loyal fan base.

Malik approaches his work with a high degree of professionalism. He treats his role in the industry seriously, just like his fitness and diet routines. Malik’s ability to maintain his identity and professionalism has been key to his success.

Social Media Presence

Malik Delgaty has built a strong presence across social media platforms, helping him connect with fans and grow his influence. On Instagram, he shares glimpses of his life and career with over 145,000 followers under the username @mrdelgaty.

His Twitter (X) account, @malik_delgaty, boasts 1.5 million followers, where he posts daring content and updates about his professional journey. Additionally,

Malik extends his presence to OnlyFans, where he proudly labels himself as an “exclusive model for men” in his bio. On this platform, he treats his subscribers to a collection of daring photos and videos in exchange for a specified subscription fee. For those curious about the pricing, a monthly subscription to Malik’s OnlyFans page costs $11.99, offering fans a glimpse into his exclusive content.

There is also a three-month plan priced at $26.98, a six-month plan at $46.76, and a yearly subscription for $71.94. @malikdelgaty is his username on OnlyFans, where he has shared 567 photos and 586 videos.

Engaging directly with his fans, Malik actively communicates through direct messages, creating a more personal connection with his audience. Some fans take it further by sending him tips as a token of appreciation.

Notable Performances

Malik Delgaty: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Everything to Know - (2)

Malik is known for his role in “The Men” TV series (2020-2023), appearing in 56 episodes. He also starred in “Why Not Bi” in 2022 and appeared in “Norse f*ckers” and “Brotein Shake” in 2023. These projects have solidified his reputation in the industry.

Malik keeps his personal life simple. He is in a relationship, which helps him stay focused on his career. Despite working in the gay adult film industry, dating has not been a challenge for him.

In a 2023 interview, Malik explained his comfort with the LGBTQ2+ community and his dedication to his role as an “Alpha Top.” He treats his career like any other, focusing on success and professionalism.

Malik Delgaty Net Worth

Malik’s net worth is $7 million. His income comes from brand promotions, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and his work on OnlyFans and in the adult film industry.

Malik’s career continues to grow. He is set for more success with a strong social media presence and a dedicated fan base. Fans can look forward to exciting new projects and performances from Malik Delgaty.

Final Thoughts

Malik Delgaty’s journey from Justin Lesage to a renowned figure in the adult film industry shows his dedication and professionalism. His rise to fame, driven by his fitness and unique persona, has earned him a loyal following and significant success. As he continues his career, Malik’s impact on the industry and his fans remains strong.


What is Malik Delgaty’s real name?

Malik Delgaty’s real name is Justin Lesage.

How did Malik Delgaty start his career?

He began as a model and exotic dancer before transitioning into the gay adult film industry.

Which production company offered Malik Delgaty an exclusive contract? offered Malik Delgaty an exclusive contract in 2022, significantly boosting his career.

What are some notable projects Malik Delgaty has been involved in?

Malik Delgaty is known for his roles in “The Men” TV series (2020-2023), “Why Not Bi” (2022), “Norse f*ckers” (2023), and “Brotein Shake” (2023).

What is Malik Delgaty’s net worth?

According to online sources, Malik Delgaty’s net worth is $7 million as of 2024.


Malik Delgaty

Malik Delgaty: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Everything to Know - (2024)
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