Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding - Chapter 1 - Anonymous - Harry Potter (2024)

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Hermione Granger was…well, terrified. She couldn’t believe she was really doing this, had even considered this as an option. Still, it was…practical, if a little unorthodox. And it wasn’t like anyone would see them, if she did this right, which she would. She had done extensive research on the spells involved, what to use to prevent any adverse side-effects, and even how specifically to move to prevent any…well, glimpses.

She stared down at her food, poking at her second helping of sausages. She normally had a rather healthy appetite at breakfast, tending to load up on protein to help wake her brain up for a good Saturday cram session, but today she was too nervous to really eat much. Not that anyone would notice. She didn’t really have much in the way of friends.

“There’s the post,” a boy next to Hermione said. His name was…Cameron? Or Cormac? She knew all of the girls in Gryffindor and most of the boys in her year, but a lot of the older boys were still unknown to her. She’d probably have their names down by Halloween, at least. She looked up toward the ceiling, which was a pale blue brushed with thick cottony clouds. It was a chilly day, but it was still quite beautiful outside. Maybe Hermione would go for a little walk before her library trip. It would certainly give her a chance to adjust to her newest purchase.

Speaking of which…. A cluster of owls swooped in and deposited a plain brown box in front of her, but no one paid her any mind. It wasn’t unusual for first years to receive care packages from home, especially this early in the year. Indeed, Neville Longbottom was currently opening a huge box of what looked like…socks. His gran had sent him socks. Well, judging from the look of relief on his face, perhaps he’d lost all of his. He was a dreadfully forgetful boy.

Hermione stood and gathered up her box, hurrying up to her dormitory. It was time to see if all of her planning had worked out. After gasping the password to the Fat Lady, she ambled into the common room and burst into the girls’ dormitories. The rest of her dorm mates were gone, enjoying their Saturday with whatever it was normal girls her age actually did. Hermione dropped the box on her bed, her heart hammering, and with a careful Severing Charm, cut it open. Pulling the flaps away, she was greeted with a familiar logo that felt alien in this castle full of magic and lore.

When she had been a baby, her Mum and Dad had sworn by Pampers. They were an American brand, but evidently, no other diaper was as absorbent. Thus, Hermione was extricating a package of Pampers Baby Dry size five, the largest she knew of. Of course, being a witch, some magical modifications would be possible.

Being rather dedicated to her studies, Hermione had run into a small problem that had been nagging her for the first couple weeks of her Hogwarts career. The school library was massive and packed to the brim with books of all sorts about a world she hadn’t known had existed just outside of her knowledge for centuries before she’d even been born. Thus, Hermione had a lot of reading to do, both for school and out of a general desire to glut herself with every iota of knowledge possible. This goal had thus far been hampered by her woefully small bladder. Of course, it was an average size for a girl her age, but Hermione prided herself as something of a tea connoisseur, and she enjoyed taking a long a thermos to keep her awake and alert during her long-term stays in the library. Tea, she had learned, was a diuretic and a cause for frequent bathroom trips after the first few cups. The closes lavatory to the library was a floor up and nearly two full corridors down, so by the time Hermione got there, she was fit to soak her knickers. For the sanctity of her study sessions and the well-being of her underthings, there was only one practical solution.

Well…perhaps not practical, but Hermione was willing to eschew normal notions of practicality if it meant more time with books.

“Engorgio,” she whispered, holding her wand steady and watching the diaper grow until she guessed it was about the same dimensions as the pair of panties she had spread on her bedclothes, allowing for an inch or so of absorbent padding. She took a deep breath, looking around. Her heart was thudding in her chest once more as she tried not to think too much about what she was about to do. It wasn’t too weird, right? Wearing a diaper for the first time since she had been too young to remember? Giving up on toilets in favor of…wetting herself?

She shook her head. No time for second thoughts. Any of the other girls could come walking in and see her staring at a diaper sized perfectly to fit her, and while Hermione could explain away a lot of her behaviors as being the result of her being a muggle-born bookworm, wearing diapers at the age of twelve was just strange no matter who you were.

Reaching under her skirt, she pushed her panties down and tossed them in the general direction of her laundry hamper, dispensing of the skirt itself next and placing it neatly on her bed. She picked up the newly-enlarged diaper and unfolded it, spreading it out on the bed before reaching into her schoolbag, withdrawing a tub of diaper rash ointment and a canister of powder. Sparing another look at the door, she contemplated a locking spell, but that would simply raise suspicions, and if she planned to continue using these things on the weekend, she needed to keep a low profile.

The tub of ointment clattered a bit as Hermione unscrewed the top, tossing it aside and dipping a finger in to gather up a dollop. She spent a long moment smearing the ointment over her groin, her crotch, between her buttocks, and around her thighs, all of the areas prone to a rash from long-term wear. She cast a quick cleaning charm on her fingers before recapping the tub and turning, lowering herself onto the padding with a soft crinkle.

She was halfway there, she realized, feeling how swollen the padding had become with her charm. It wasn’t bulky enough to show under her skirt, but it would certainly make its presence known with its thickness. She reached for the powder, taking a deep breath before sprinkling herself front and back with it, feeling the cool cornstarch fluttering over her skin before she set it aside and pulled the front up, lying back on the bed. Gasping a bit at the feeling of cushiony soft padding between her legs, she ripped the tapes with a startlingly loud sound and pressed them to the front, securing the thick padding tightly and snugly in place against her.

And then Hermione Granger was wearing a diaper for the first time in nearly eleven years. She sat up, peering down and blushing a bit as a smiling Elmo greeted her from between her legs. The thick padding clung to every inch of her that it came into contact with, wrapped tight and following her every movement. She stood, blushing at the little crinkle that sounded as she did so, and hurried to pull her skirt back on, hiding her diaper away. She grabbed up the box of Pampers and hurriedly stuffed them into the trunk at the foot of her bed, stowing the ointment and powder back in her bag and removing all trace of her diaper-related proclivities from the room. She took a moment to reconcile the situation. She didn’t need them, per se; she was just using them out of a sense of convenience. She wasn’t so much embarrassed at the prospect of people finding out that she was choosing to make use of diapers as she just didn’t want to deal with the public ostracization that would follow. She was already considered a bookworm nerd. Add diapers into that, and she could kiss a quiet education goodbye.

Packing a couple more diapers into her schoolbag, she hitched it up onto her shoulder and headed from the room, intending to make a quick stop at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall and pour herself some tea into her thermos, and then it was off to the library.

She had some studying to do.


Hermione sighed as she sat at her usual table in the back of the library, stacks of books on either side of her. Currently, she was working on a Transfiguration assignment, which would be followed by an Herbology essay, but it would doubtless take her only an hour or so to write up a couple of drafts and peruse them to find the best one. Or, that had been the plan, especially with her new protective measures.

The only issue was her seeming inability to relax enough to actually use the damn things.

For the better part of twenty minutes, Hermione had been actively relaxing, trying to stay “loose” enough to let the flow begin, but her body was too conditioned by a decade of potty-training not to just pee in the middle of the school library. Muscle memory and a general aversion to soaked knickers were causing her to reflexively clamp up the moment she felt even the beginnings of a stream making its way out. She tried to tell her brain that she was wearing a diaper, that it was okay to wet herself, but if it was that easy to talk to one’s subconscious, it wouldn’t have taken her parents months to quit smoking when they had decided to.

She sighed, trying to form a mental image of the smiling Elmo face in an effort to make herself feel a bit more…well, infantile. It was an embarrassing notion, but maybe if she made herself feel like the babies that usually wore such things, it would help things along?

Her eyes fluttered a bit as she felt the flow begin, a few splashes that were immediately whisked away into the padding, and then a steady stream that felt…strange. She was peeing. Right here in the middle of the library. It was a strange thing to –

“Um…Hermione?” a voice asked, and Hermione gasped, feeling a slightly heavier splash before she continued peeing. She looked up to see Neville smiling nervously at her, and she mentally cursed him. Why now!? Why approach her while she was actively wetting herself!?

“What do you need, Neville?” she asked, trying to keep the breathy note of relief out of her voice as she felt her diaper swelling between her legs.

“Oh, um…I was wondering, um…if you were done with Professor Sprout’s essay on the dangers of plants with mild forms of sentience?” he asked. She shook her head, still peeing quietly into her diaper. Did it normally take this long?

“Um…not yet,” she said, smiling kindly up at him. Neville didn’t mean any harm, and he was one of the few boys in her year that was actually well-behaved, unlike some freckle-faced redheads that she knew. “I’ll be happy to help you with it tonight once I have it finished, but I’m sort of in the middle of the Transfiguration essay….”

“Oh!” Neville had realized he was intruding, smiling sheepishly and backing up. Hermione felt the flow of her urine taper off, and she breathed a quiet sigh of relief to herself. She hadn’t leaked, or so it felt like. She would have to check once Neville was gone. “Um…well, I’ll just leave you to it. Sorry, Hermione.”

“It’s alright,” she said. “Find me in the common room tonight, and I’ll help you out, alright?”

“Yeah,” Neville said, nodding and raising a hand in farewell. “See you, Hermione.”

Hermione waited until he was well out of sight, past the Fiction section, and scooted her chair back, lifting her skirt to check the front of her diaper. Several of the little lettered blocks around Elmo had faded out of existence, indicating that the diaper was wet but not yet thoroughly soaked. The Engorgement Charm had probably also increased the diaper’s absorbent capacity to relatively something close to a girl of her size and output, meaning she probably had a couple more good wettings left in this one. Smiling to herself, she eased her chair forward again, going back to her essay. A near ten-minute trip reduced to a few awkward seconds wetting herself, and she was right back to her work. She would call that a success.

She would definitely be making more use of her diapers in the future.

Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding - Chapter 1 - Anonymous - Harry Potter (2024)
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