Guide: Body/belly Inflation and included FAQ (V2) (the how to, the safety, the best practices, and all other things related) (2024)

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I am making this topic to help new comers or members with some to a lot of experience practice and understand the act of body inflation, or more specifically, belly/abdominal inflation on the body.

As a disclaimer:I am not a qualified medical professional. The info provided below is based on personal experience, others feedback, and reference to some medical documents and studies.Should you decide to practice the act of inflation,DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!I will not be held liable for any injuries sustained if practiced based on the text below.

First off, to give you an idea based on my personal qualifications, I have practiced belly inflation since I was 15, both orally and anally, and after taking a hiatus for three years at the age of 17, I got back into it and decided to try and research safe practices and proper procedure. Since then I have been trying to help guide others as best as I could towards safe practices as there isn't exactly a hub or guide for this kind of practice. I noticed many posts of new users coming here seeking advice, so rather than have them make a topic, they can ask or post here so all knowledge is in a somewhat centralized location. As stated above this info is based off of experience but does not have a legitament medical basis, so while I have been safe and have followed practices on similar studies (I.E. Enema studies), much of the information is a general guideline and may not apply to all individuals.

So to start: what is belly inflation?

Belly inflation is the practice of inflating ones own body, either internally or externally with air or water for personal gratification. Many people enjoy it for reasons like (but are not limited to)

  1. Internal pressure (notably on sexual organs such as the prostate gland in males)
  2. Abdominal distention/transformation
  3. Restrictiveness after inflation (some users find it harder to move, and are more forced to relax)
  4. Cramping (based off pressure)

However, belly inflation doesn't just have to be based off of personally inflating ones body, there is a very large fantasy aspect that spans artwork, video, literature, basically any form of media that you can think of. Belly inflation can also be a common topic in other cultures, such as medical fetishes, the furry fandom, latex fetishists, and so on.

Why do people have this type of fetish: Well, nobody really knows.

The brain is composed of multiple instincts that guide us through life to keep us alive. Amongst reproduction, which is one of the strongest of our instincts lies fetishes. These are believed to be in place so that we can find specific traits in partners, even if said fetish doesn't make sense towards survival. Some theories believe this to be a form of mutation, where as perhaps the act of inflation reminds humans of fertility, perhaps as a subliminal desire to become pregnant. Other times fetishes are "planted" when we are young, and grow up to find those fetishes as a sort of coping mechanism to take us to the innocence and protection of childhood without even realizing it. Another theory is that inflation itself is an increase in size, and that alone can grant a sense of safety or power over other things (similar to puffer fish inflating and protruding spines, certain animals that try to appear larger than they are, ETC.). Sometimes it's an attraction to things that are soft; the list goes on endlessly. The key thing is that fetishes are generally programmed not by choice, and are usually stuck with humans for life unless the brain changes that by itself.

How to do it.

(The following topic is focused on air. Liquids will follow shortly after)

Well, this is where we go from theory to improvisation. There are two ways to inflate, either orally or anally. A good thing to note is that gas naturally builds up inside of the body, and about a balloons worth of gas is passed every day for each human.

Orally is something everyone has tried at least once, and that's swallowing air. The key thing, however, is to keep the air trapped inside your stomach until it exits the stomach into the small intestine. What you are trying to accomplish is to fill the large intestines and rectum with air. This is generally regarded as perfectly safe (for the average healthy human being) as you cannot create too much pressure; the air would simply stop traveling out the stomach once too much pressure has been reached. Some problems however is that many people are stuck feeling bloated for minutes, sometimes hours and rarely days after deflation as the air is slowly making its way out of the small intestines and sometimes the large intestine. This can cause cramping and restrictive feelings, and sometimes nausea from the internal pressure as well.

Anally many people have tried, and 99% of people (I included) have done it in an improvised manner. To safely inflate anally, you would need a medical machine that artificially insufflates your intestines with Carbon Dioxide, and preferably a medical supervisor to monitor you. Most of us don't have access to such equipment, so we improvise with the equipment around us.

Before continuation, understand that this applies to inflating your colon ONLY. vagin*l inflation can cause an air embolism and bladder inflation, while some people claim it to be safe, has had a few medical instances where infection and damage has occurred. Injecting air into your body is incredibly risky and has a very high chance of killing you, so while you might want to inflate your skin with air, understand that you’ll probably die doing it. All of these cases can be fatal, and if you’re that curious to try it, do so under the supervision of a legitimate medical professional. Fetishes aren’t worth dying over. More info on these at the bottom of the document.

Since the equipment listed below is not built for rectal inflation, you can of course injure yourself. Cases of injury however, are very rare, almost only ever happening when users push themselves much too far. You’ll hit the point where you need to stop, and even if you haven’t tried it before, your body will know your safe limits before you hit the point of over pressurization.

The most commonly used items are

Bike Pumps

Aquarium Pumps

Airproof bag (EX: Enema kit filled with air)

Your own lungs

Now, to rank the best overall inflation experiences, I'll start with the best on top making it's way downwards. Please do note that the following devices are not guaranteed to be safe as they can all deliver too much pressure and can cause a rupture.

  1. Aquarium pumps. This device is known to slowly deliver air automatically through a tube for aquariums. This device works well as everything is automated, has a long tube, is fairly quiet, and goes at a slow enough place that ruptures wouldn't happen unless you were over-inflated. A problem is if you were to fall unconscious or become dull to the inflation, you could possibly over-inflate and cause damage or possibly death. There have been no recorded cases of death from such a device when used in this manner.
  2. Bike pumps. This is a device used to inflate bicycle tires and with an adapter sports balls. By pumping the mechanism, air is shot out through the end into the recipient’s area. This is generally not as relaxing, but the user can inflate at their own rate and some say that they can inflate a bit more this way. There have been a few documents released (notably in the Philippines and Thailand) where users have caused internal ruptures from too much pumping, and I've heard rumors that some kids do this frequently as a sort of challenge against others. Of course, these are because people pushed themselves much too far, and done with caution and not over exerting yourself, you shouldn't have any issues.
  3. Airproof bag: This can deliver air into you based on how much pressure you put on it, and you can also measure the amount of air as well. Note that balloons are generally too flexible to use in this scenario.
  4. Your own lungs. Actually, this doesn’t usually work, because the exhaling and trying to blow air into your rectum is cancelled out as the human body clenches too much, preventing air from getting inside. You can however fill your cheeks with air and push on those to get air through the tube, but the same cautions above still apply, and it's usually the hardest to do along with the most tiring.

Since equipment has been established, now we can talk about how to inflate anally. What you want to use with each piece of equipment is some form of lubrication that’s approved for use on the human body. Things like personal lubricant would work great. You only want to insert the end of that inflation piece inside your anus about an inch, assuming it is safe to do so (EX: if it's a thin piece of tubing or thin bike pump end, not something large or potentially sharp, like a needle or anything that can pierce parts of the body). You don't want to insert too far as the piece can damage the walls and you do not want to have a perforated rectum. There are things you can use such as colon tubes, but those are reserved specifically for enema related inflations. I'll get into that more below in the water inflation category.

Once the piece is in, you just slowly inflate away, and keep monitoring yourself. If your a first timer, I can almost guarantee that you will not be able to inflate much as your body has never experienced this before. But, in due time, your capacity will increase once the body has learned how to retain, and should develop/increase a sort of muscle for retention.

You cannot push through pain, or force yourself to increase capacity. Doing so can risk a rupture, which can lead to death!

If you feel pain/cramps/comfortableness, you need to stop and let your body relax. Most of the time the air has built up in either the rectum or a section of the large intestine, and has to balance and move into the other chamber. You should never force this; the body must do it automatically. Once the cramps pass keep inflating away. You'll eventually reach a point where the cramps are consistent and don’t back off, and this is your cue to either retain it a bit, or deflate. Again,DO NOT TRY TO PUSH PAST THIS POINT!You can probably count on not increasing capacity for the first 5-10 times, though I have heard for others it can take much longer. Think of it like going to the gym. You cannot force muscle building, the body needs to first get used to it, rest, and then you can adapt to it. The same thing goes with belly inflation. Your body must adapt to it slowly and on it's terms, and from there you can drastically increase your capacity and distention. After a while, weeks to months, you will notice increased distention, and with luck, patience, and safe practice, you might be able to distend your belly to the point of an 8-month pregnant woman after a while. Some people actually have what's known as a redundant colon, and that is where your colon has an extra "loop" in it. For example, the average human colon/large intestine has three bands that ingested food passes through, to absorb things like water and certain nutrients. Some people develop (generally during their time as a fetus) an extra band, sometimes more, so they can end up holding more air/water than the average person with more visible distention.

Initially, you should take a break for a week to play it safe for the first couple times, and then you can probably do it more frequently once the body has gotten used to it. Again, this isn’t a race, and your body has to naturally get used to and adapt to it. You have your whole life ahead of you to try this, so you don't want to risk hurting yourself and not ever being able to do it again.


One of the small side effects of anal inflation is that for the deflation, it can take an hour or more depending on how much you took in, and can cause bloating along with internal cramps that regulate movement. One thing that some people get during the deflation is a sore anus from so much farting, and that in turn can get very painful to fart. For me,and I don't recommend doing this as it can be dangerous, is if you inflate with an aquarium tube or some sort of tube, leave the tube just in past the anus and keep the end of the tube open. This should be done lying down so you don’t risk movement of the tube, and generally when the air hits the rectum, the internal pressure from your body will automatically push it out so you don’t have to strain to pass gas. It won't get all of the air out, but it'll get a very substantial amount out (I'd say up to 90% of it if you laid there for a while). Again though, this can be very dangerous because if the tube hits the rectal wall, it can potentially perforate (poke a hole in) it and things like fecal matter can get into the blood, amongst other dangers.

Do not try to squeeze and strain the air out of your body, just pass gas like you'd normally do, and wait for the rectum to fill up with air so you can pass it. Straining can cause higher internal pressure, bigger cramps, and can also cause hemorrhoids. It also helps if you massage your abdomen in a clockwise motion to encourage the air to flow out of your intestines.

Also, do not attempt to operate heavy machinery after inflation.

Liquid based inflation

One of the big things about liquid inflation that make it so different from air inflation is the feeling. Many inflationists describe it as "a more heavy, stretchy feeling that feels more wholesome than air". This is my personal favorite way to inflate anally for a couple of reasons (based off using isotonic water)

1: Less cramping. Compared to air inflation, water inflation is generally less cramp inducing, however, there is much more of a need to "go", as water is much heavier and alerts the rectum that you need to excrete. It's surprisingly common for people to enjoy this feeling, even if they go into a mindset that they will not enjoy it.

2: Less bloated after deflation. As air can get trapped in the intestines, so too can air, however, you generally don’t feel smaller amounts inside your intestines and you don't feel that slightly painful restriction either. You are altogether more mobile, and some people encourage (usually at smaller safer amounts) moving so that the water can help clean out your insides.

3: Better tools. Since Enema's are a much more common procedure than inflation in general, there is a decent sized market, ranging from basic kits to giant 5 gallon ones (for colonics), inflatable catheters to colon tubes, to recipes and alternative equipment for the experimental group. While many of these products can possibly be used for general anal air based inflation, I do not know enough about safety for these devices, so I can only recommend the tools mentioned in this part of the section (liquid inflation) for liquid inflationonly.

There are of course tons of other reasons and benefits people have, including:

  • Pressure on organs, whether sexual or non sexual
  • Feeling of internal warmth or coolness, depending on the temperature of the water
  • Subtle feeling as the liquid travels through each intestine
  • "Cleaner"/emptier intestines

And so on and so forth.

How to inflate orally

This is a bit of a tricky topic, because as a general rule it shouldn't be done with regular solutions (tap water, juice, ETC.). The issue is something commonly known as water intoxication. This is where the bloodstream becomes too diluted with water and there becomes a lack of sodium in the body, causing irregular heartbeat, nausea, dizziness, excessive sweating, and in worse scenarios brain swelling and death. There have been a number of related deaths due to this; one notable story was a radio contest where contestants had to drink large quantities of water and not urinate (though you can still die even if you do urinate), where a mother of three died from water intoxication. (Link to story:

So then how the heck can you do it? Well, I do not know of any legitimate safe way to do it, so I can't really say. What I can suggest is eating lots of food and then drinking a liter of water, perhaps 1.5 after that, so that the water is absorbed along with salts and other things to keep you fairly in balance. This from what I hear helps with digestion, but don't ever try to force yourself to drink more water than your comfortable with. You'll know when to stop, and you shouldn't try to push that.

For a real life scenario and my own true story, I had tried and experienced slight versions of it before. Back when I was about 15 or so, I had tried to drink a gallon of water in an hour. Most of the times I couldn’t, getting just over three liters in, and generally having to use the bathroom and being light headed and sometimes dizzy for a couple hours afterwards. I did try to push through and not only did I end up forcefully vomiting after the amount I had consumed, but I had also ripped my stomach as after the 4th time vomiting or so, the water turned red. I have to say, never have I been as scared of dying in my life. Needless to say, it could have gone much, much worse for me, so I was lucky to walk away with just that injury.

Anal liquid inflation

This is a surprisingly common practice even outside the fetish community, and is shared along with a lot of other groups and practices.

For instance, there is an entire fetish group dedicated to enema's themselves, but I will focus here on high capacity enemas.

First off, I think most of us who have tried this have done so with a makeshift apparatus, such as a shower hose or some similar device. This is not only not recommended, but also, in my opinion, one of the less pleasant ways to anally inflate. My suggestion is to get an enema kit, which I will get more into, but for now the below sub section will be comparing shower to enema kit.

First off, for dangers, there's a lot I can list here, but I'll stick to the top three:
1: No limit on pressure. Inflating with a device like a shower hose goes above the safe pressure for internal colon strength. Most rectums and large intestines can safely hold about 1 PSI of water (or so I have gathered for research), where as the average shower hose is around 22 PSI. This isn't an issue for most people as they generally know when to pull out, but if people don't heed their warnings or say pass out whilst doing it, the pressure would override their body and cause either an internal rupture or an ideological valve breach (where the large intestine and small intestine connect, the water passes from large to small intestine and floods the body with fecal water. Sometimes deadly if not treated).

2: Rapid fluctuations in temperature. Oftentimes depending on the household a showers water temperature can drastically alter without changing the temperature manually. My dad's house had this problem, which sometimes led to me getting burned while trying to take a shower. So, in your household, while it may not happen, a factor you don't realize or think about could cause a rapid temperature change, and potentially damage your colon. This can be fatal if left untreated, and is very painful as well, as the internal body isn't used to drastic temperatures like that. Even if there is a large amount of water inside of you, you can and will still get burned.

3: Water poisoning (from electrolyte imbalance). Water intoxication is the rapid consumption of water and dilution of the blood stream. Too much water can lead to an electrolyte imbalance which can cause swelling and bursting of the cells, and swelling in the brain. With a shower, you might be able to take in 3-5 liters of regular water, which the large intestine rapidly absorbs into the body. It actually absorbs the water much more rapidly than ingestion via mouth, leading to much faster intoxication. How do you solve this? You turn the water isotonic, so that water is neither absorbed into the body nor is it taken out of the body. Making water isotonic is very simple: You just add 1 teaspoon of sea salt for every liter (1000 ml) of water. However, with a shower, you cannot do that to the main water supply.

Now, to my most suggested method: get an enema kit, high capacity if possible. With an enema kit, the bag can hold any liquid and can administer the liquid at a safe pressure if hung and the correct height. Not only is this method safer, but also I find it much more relaxing as you can lie down and the body can safely adjust to the large influx of water. You can also set the temperature, use other devices (such as colon tubes), and most importantly, use a safe solution.

If you've met anyone that had or has a kit, I can almost guarantee that they'll say it's the way to go. I know it was the same for me, and I have absolutely no regrets on purchasing one. The cool thing is that you aren't restricted to just water; you can try many other solutions (although, I won't get into that as this is about safe practices and I do not know enough about other liquids to deem them safe). You can also choose the temp for the water more accurately, say you want something hotter or cooler; you can choose that and keep it consistent, whilst delivering it in a more safe and comfortable method.

As for devices to go with an enema kit, I won't go into too much detail about them, as I do not know a whole lot about it and/or all of the safety practices. I will explain two devices and how they help though.

The Colon tube: this device is used to deliver water from an enema kit deeper into the body rather than just deliver it to the rectum and having the rectum send the water upwards. There are great reasons for using this device, and my most favorites is that cramping is basically non-existent as the rectum is what does the majority of the cramping. It's much easier to retain as it's delivered much higher up in the intestines, and I find that it's more open on the end so that water can flow out faster. Some users also enjoy it for the sensation of having a tube so deeply inside of you, although, if you use a much smaller one you may not notice it as well.

There are some dangers to this however. The most common and prevalent one is that if you push the tube too hard you can risk a perforation. Thankfully most tubes have a rounded end and the water is delivered in slots just before the end of the tube on the sides, but it's still a common enough issue if you try to force it too hard. The recommended way to use it is as follows:

(This is just a general guideline, this is not guaranteed to be safe, and should be done by a medical professional)

  1. Make sure the tube has been filled with water so that air does not enter the body cavity. This can cause lots of cramping if air gets inside, but is harmless otherwise.
  2. Insert the tube about half an inch to an inch, with a rectal lube if possible.
  3. Lie on you’re left side, and while letting water slowly flow in, try to push the colon tube in a bit and back out a bit. If you feel any resistance, pull back a few inches and try again. It's kind of like trying to fit a key into a lock, and it may take a few times before it reaches the large intestine. Once it does however, you'll probably know as you can just keep pushing the tube in, more and more without feeling any resistance. It's actually pretty cool seeing so much tube going inside of you and not really noticing it, at least for the smaller ones.
  4. From there, just enjoy it! When it comes time to remove, its best recommended to remove the tube while your body is still full of water, and to be gentle with it. If it hits any resistance at all, try pushing back in a little and then trying again.

Now, as for the double balloon retention nozzle, this device is used to help retain liquid by making a sort of seal around the anus. The device is essentially a tube with two inflatable bladders along it, with one of the chambers inflating inside your rectum and the other inflating outside of the rectum. The idea is that both of the balloons will push against the anus and make a sort of seal to help keep the solution inside of the body, if you are cramping a lot and find it either difficult or impossible to retain, then this would be a wise device to purchase. Generally, when you take 4 liters of water in, it can be very hard to hold, but not impossible for most adults. I personally like to use it for the convenience of not having to "hold it in" while I try walking to get my intestines moving a bit. Plus, it's always neat to just be able to stare at your distended belly and massage it without cramping up, or worrying about leaking (though it can happen in small amounts if you have a lot of water in you).

Generally, and again, I don't guarantee safety for this, but the general way to use the device:

  1. Insert the balloon into your already filled rectum. If necessary you can excrete the water in your rectum and then quickly insert it with some rectal lube if possible (as most of the water is probably inside the large intestine).
  2. Inflate the inner balloon until roughly below its capacity, so that you don’t risk bursting it. Inflate the outer balloon the same way. Adjust the device until it’s comfortable and makes a fairly decent seal. It probably won't be completely leak proof, but it takes away basically all of the effort for trying to retain it. If some absolutely has to come out it will make it's way out, and it's generally best to let it leak a bit as the body probably has to do that to keep a safe limit inside.
  3. When time to remove the device, hold the deflation buttons on the device and gently pull it out.

That's just a couple of common devices I have heard about and have used. They can seem a little costly, but if you have a job it shouldn't be that big of a deal. A colon tube if I recall costs around $20-30 for a basic on, and (this is regarding the current silicone models and not the German made latex ones) a double balloon rectal nozzle can cost $80 or above, and sadly, it has been known for not being a very high quality and apparently the creators are reworking the device. The most common issue for it is that people over-inflate the balloons, which causes them to burst.

Risks of non-anal/non-oral inflation methods

vagin*l inflation: I have found a few medical reports on people who have tried vagin*l inflation (trying to inflate the vagin* and/or uterus) during intercourse sessions. The result is generally an air embolism, which is where air can enter a blood vessel causing a blockage (this doesn’t always happen however, it’s uncommon but still possible). This can in turn be fatal, considerably if the embolism reaches the heart or the lungs. Also, say an embolism doesn’t happen, the vagin* still can’t really inflate because with pregnancy it grows muscles over time to accommodate the fetus, and that’s over a nine-month period.

Bladder inflation: I haven’t been able to find much evidence on this practice. Some people have been injured by this and some people say it's all right, but regardless, injuries can still happen. In theory, the air could seep into the kidneys, and can stretch out the muscles along with introducing possible bacteria into the system. Also, I am unsure how the air exits the bladder, and as for water, the chlorine and trace bacteria in it could cause damage and growth in the bladder causing possible infections. The bladder really only is built to hold urine, and urine itself is completely sterile and free of chemicals, not to mention has the proper PH levels. Doctors do test for bladder problems with saline solution, but those are in controlled environments and they have the proper equipment.

Skin inflation: This topic refers to two different methods. The first one is air inflation and the second is saline.

First off, air inflation for the skin has been known to be fatal, because if the air hits a vein or artery, the air can block the tube. It can also go to numerous other places, such as the heart, brain, or the lung (the veins in the lungs, not the alveoli), and has no other way of getting out of the body, aside from the body slowly absorbing it and moving it back out.

Saline inflation is a bit different. This can be a safe method if you use the right equipment, but as far as I know only inflates small sections of the body. This is commonly done in Japan on the forehead, but there are resources and people online that are dedicated to the practice of it. I’d recommend asking on forums like those for guides and safety tips. Since the saline is sterile and matches the body’s sodium gradient, it would just slowly get absorbed and filtered out of your body.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

(well, questions that haven't been asked but might be asked down the road)

Q) I’ve sustained (injury here) for practicing this, what do I do?!?!

A) Go to the hospital and get help. I’m not a doctor and I’ve only provided general guidelines for this. If you got an injury from this you need to get professional help. I don’t care if your embarrassed, because if your ashamed of doing this then you shouldn’t be doing this at all.

Q) What about using (gas) or (liquid) here?

A) While there are a lot of other gasses, I am not a chemist and do not know the effects of all gasses internally on the human body. If you try a different gas, use so at your own risk, as I do not know the other effects and cannot encourage it.As for liquid, this is specifically tailored towards isotonic water. Same rules apply for other gasses here.

Q) Can my whole body inflate, or is it limited to the abdominal area?

A) Restricted to the abdominal area. If you want to have your whole body inflate, then you should get an inflatable suit.

Q) Why can’t I inflate as much as you said I could?

A) I said you might be able to inflate larger, but of course it depends on each person. Some people can hold much more, some can hold less. Some people can really adapt and others not so much. Each person varies on a case-by-case scenario.

Q) I followed your guide but I still got hurt! I want to press charges!

A) As I said before, I am not a qualified doctor and if you try this, you do so at your own risk. These are just guidelines, and like all guidelines, they might not count for everything 100%.

Q) I want to get an enema kit/aquarium pump/inflation device but I am too nervous!

A) If you’re ashamed of your fetish and can’t face buying common things like that for it, then you probably should re-examine yourself. In case you’ve forgotten, sexual desires are one of the most common things about human beings, just below things like eating and breathing. If you’re embarrassed by who you are and naturally what you crave, then like I said above, you should really re-examine yourself.

Q) I can’t afford an enema kit/aquarium pump/inflation device!

A) Yes, you can. This stuff goes for like $30 tops. Assuming you have a job, then 30$ shouldn’t even be much of a dent out of it.

Q) Where can I get some equipment for this?

A) I don’t want to point out anyone in particular, as there are so many different resources and sellers for stuff like this. Just hit up Google and go from there.

Q) You sound really paranoid in this.

A) That's because if I don't, people might try to accuse me of not playing it safe or something unpleasant like that. I wrote this guide to help people, but I also want to show that if your foolish, injuries can and will happen, and that I am not just wrecklessly assuming that the body will do alright for something like this. (On that note, it would, but at least the impression is for non-inflationists to see that we aren't nuts and have no respect for our own bodies.)

Q) My question isn’t listed here, where and how can I ask it?

A) You can leave a comment below or drop me a Private Message anytime and I will do my best to get back to it. Don’t be afraid to ask, because your trying to play it safe and there’s nothing smarter than that. No question will be too silly or embarrassing to ask.

And I think that about wraps it up! If there is anything that should be changed or added to this document please let me know and I will see to it that it gets updated. I'd like to thank Zity.Biz for information on the enema stuff and numerous other medical documents for information on this subject. Should anyone also have any medical documents/official information (from a legitament source), please do send it my way so I can look into it and keep this thing up to date.

Guide: Body/belly Inflation and included FAQ (V2) (the how to, the safety, the best practices, and all other things related) (2024)
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