Gilgeori Toast (Korean Street Toast With Cabbage and Egg) Recipe (2024)



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Alexa Weibel, Senior Staff Editor, NYT Cooking

I love this recipe! It's super textural and satisfying. I've tried both the jam and sugar and loved both — the salty-sweet element is surprisingly subtle — and look forward to trying it out with different condiments, like mustard or even gochujang. Thanks for sharing your family recipe, Darun!


Pandemic & food allergy transformations: sliced turkey (no ham in fridge); 3oz bagged classic coleslaw mix, salt & pepper; margarine (dairy allergy), Just Egg liquid eggless plant-based product (egg allergy), cinnamon sugar shaker for the Calandra’s whole wheat toast. Tasty. Schmeared on a little lime pickle for zing (no scallions or chili paste around).


Best sandwich I’ve ever had! I had no fresh cabbage, so substituted half bok choi and half kimchi and it was fantastic!!! Will definitely make again.


Sedate version: use 1 egg in the mix, cook it as three small patties so each can fit onto a halved slice of buttered country toast. I ate the first two patties open faced (canape style?), w/ melted cheese. The third patty I ate as a tea sandwich, w/ a dab of orange marmalade. (No cheese, ketchup, mayo, etc.) V. civilized breakfast, quite tasty and no "recovery time" needed, just get on with your day. Yet still craveable this wayI do see a bigger, sloppier, condiment-laden version in my future.


I was always partial to Isaac toast, a common chain in Seoul, which added sweet corn to the egg and bread and butter pickles to the sandwich for sweetness and texture, obviating there sugar. And, if you can find it or are adventurous enough to make it, they also used a peculiar kiwi fruit ketchup that elevates the sandwich from wonderful to magical!


Excellent—like a high quality egg foo young sandwich. A light smear of raspberry jam, used two eggs, two slices of bacon, a slice of American cheese on homemade sandwich bread. Was a little heavy handed on the ketchup—my bad, but absolutely scrumptious. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


Delicious! Used a slice of prosciutto cotto and gouda cheese on sourdough. Tried jalapeño jelly as a sweetener, which added a bit of heat to the sweet. My only issue with the recipe was that it turned out rather sloppy, which might be the point, but I found it tricky to eat. Next time (and there will be a next time!) I will drain the cabbage mixture in a sieve and press on it a bit to remove some liquid before adding the egg.


Very good! Prior to mixing, I thought the amount of cabbage would be too much for 1 sandwich, so, as I was making 2 anyway, sliced a total of maybe 1 1/2 C, and used box grater to shred 1/2 C carrot, seasoned as directed, then mixed in 2 eggs. End result seemed perfect for 2 sandwiches, which I served for easy dinner. Bread was a bit soft (homemade milk bread) so I'd toast it crisply brown and butter 1 side in the future. Will also add sriracha or sambal to ketchup, as heat would be welcome.


This recipe was a hit! Learning curve for me was to putting a lid on the egg mixture to cook through evenly.


way better than it should be! After I massaged the veggies with salt, I let them drain in a sieve for an hour. Some liquid did come out, which might have otherwise have made it soggy. Not sure ham is a good idea. Thinking crisp bacon would be better.


So good! Used a 9 oz bag of broccoli slaw, added the scallions and five eggs for three sandwiches. Shredded Gouda on top of egg mixture in pan. Spread raspberry jam on one side of bread and siracha on other. Served with a spinach salad and chips for and a lovely August supper.

Elizabeth W

I’ve made this several times with store bought kimchi and absolutely love it. I’ve also eaten it without bread, just adding a touch of ketchup on top. For the sweet, I’ve used a tiny bit of Bonne Maman intense apricot - perfection.

Leslie Durand

Best sandwich I've ever made! It was wonderful with the recommended thick bread--but was still yummy with ultra-thin bread (which I used when trying to cut calories a bit). Do not skip the sugar on the bread! I use a 50-50 mayo-gochujang mix, and it's delicious.


Delicious! Made this, used the ham and cheese, and added a squirt of mustard (a la maangchi). The sugar adds a nice sweetness to the dish. As maangchi suggests in her video, this needs to be eaten immediately; each person should eat as soon as it leaves the pan as the bread gets soft quite quickly. While still relatively healthy, it feels very substantial.

Tracy Colleen

Made this tonight, but used zucchini and carrots (on a low FODMAP diet), added a slice of American cheese and a teaspoon of Sriracha and a bit of pickle relish in the mayo. I also grilled the bread with cooking spray instead of butter. It was really good, and I will definitely make again. If using zucchini, drain it and pat dry with paper towels.

Ijus Kann

So, so satisfying and relatively healthy and easy.


Every time I make this, I think “ Why did I wait so long?”. It never disappoints. I don’t use as much butter , and generally don’t use meat, and the end result is still a delight for the taste buds!


Ok...I made this with kimchi and carrots and eggs, white bread, strawberry jam, american cheese, mayo and ketchup. This was the best sandwich I've had in my life.

Blair Malcom

Wow, this was incredible! Don’t skimp on the jam, it’s a great counterpoint to the savory. I might sweat out the veggies a bit before adding the egg, otherwise my wife and I devoured this sloppy sandwich. Keep an extra napkin handy…


This was a miss for me. I’ve eyed this recipe for 3 years, made it as written, was starving when I ate it, and found it to be too much on every level. This tasted like being at a party where everyone is too loud. And now I feel blergh. If I make this again, I’ll use unsalted butter - the quantity of butter, plus the salt in the eggs and the bacon that I used instead of the ham made this inedible towards the end (and I love salt). I’m mad I risked fingers julienning 1/2 a carrot for this.

Kim Helgemoe

Sweet and savory-great texture. We loved this one.


I wasn’t sure about the combo of flavors but surprisingly yummy! I only had whole grain bread on hand and it was still good. Will make again!


I thought this would be complicated. It was very easy and so good! Filling enough to share.


Made this more or less as written with great results. Used two eggs and added sriracha to the mix. Topped with cheddar. I used King Arthur's English Muffin Toasting Bread (, which is an amazing, easy loaf for all things breakfast.


I'm positively surprised by this recipe! It's easy and quick to prepare, can be modified and is delicious! I did an open sourdough sandwich, used chicken ham and philapelphia, added some chilli to the cabbage mixture and topped with roasted peanuts for extra crunch. I will definitely try more variantd


Very tasty! Made with whole wheat bread and thought it was great, would make again.


Well that was interesting. I had no idea what to expect but I liked it. Someone said it’s like an egg foo young sandwich and I have to agree. Interesting textures and flavors. The sugar is a high note. No ham so I chopped up a slice of Canadian Bacon and mixed it in the egg/cabbage mixture. Perfectly easy, light dinner and I will do it again.


Thank you for this recipe! I grew up in Korea and worked as a server at a place where they sold these “toasts” of different types (pizza, cheese, veggie, ham, etc.) so this brought me back to those days.. I didn’t know it at the time but that experience taught me so much about myself and life. As for the recipe, this is different from that restaurant’s but that is to be expected. Don’t skimp on the mayo ketchup combo - that’s what makes this imo. Glad to see so many others enjoying this too

freezer lady

I made this with Sweet Chili sauce instead of jam. Perfect blend of sweetness and heat.I also added 1 tbsp. Rice flour because it was made with 4 eggs. I would use less rice flour next time, maybe 1.5 tsp.

Zak Buckles

I was looking forward to trying this sandwich and it did not disappoint! I added gochujang to the mayo/ketchup mix, and used the mixed berry jam I had in hand. Similar to others, I look forward to endless variations on this in the future.

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Gilgeori Toast (Korean Street Toast With Cabbage and Egg) Recipe (2024)
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