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Briefvoice said:

Is it a coincidence that Hayato got suddenly called away when apparently she had no expectation anyone has going to suddenly pull her out of training?

Vexadecimal said:

It's also possible that Motoko is just going to drop off the grid for 24 hours and reappear in Moritaka's kitchen at midnight for that meeting he requested.

Moritaka: :D "Hey Motoko, you got my message! I've ordered that sushi you liked in the caterer's tray, and the staff set aside those new dumplings I've been wanting to try!"

At home
Hayato· (... 793 out of 648000 ... )

Hayato: "Hai-" (794...)

Nakagawa: " Hai( "-Hai." (794...)) Hay( Nakagawa-) ato -Kun;( "-Sama" (795...)) "
Hayato· (... 796 out of 648000 ... )

Nakagawa: I need you to( (797,798,799...)) contact–( (800!...)) "
Hayato· (... of 648000 until it won't be embarrassing for me to contact–)

Nakagawa: "– Motoko–( (801...)) "
Hayato· (–Motoko)

Nakagawa: "– Kusanagi—( "Kusanagi" (802...)) "
Hayato· –Kusanagi.?

Hayato: O o "-Wah?"
Hayato· I lost the count again. >:| Focus Hay-Bō.

Nakagawa: " —and( (902, no 800...)) invite( (...2?)) them to( (...3...1?)) dinner( (null)) tomorrow,( (dinner?)) "
Hayato· o O What?

Nakagawa: " if possible( (error: 'dinner tomorrow' is not a number)) ."
Hayato· o o Need... Motoko Kusanagi... Dinner tomorrow...?

Nakagawa: :)
Hayato· :o Dinner tomorrow needs Motoko Kusanagi.

Hayato: :D "What?What!Why?ThankYou,Nakagawa-Sama.WhyNeed?"

Nakagawa: :) "Inhale Hay-Tan. I need to thank her in person for helping Yuto decide 'to put revenge behind us' and talk things-out with uncle Kisaru, on their own."
Hayato· Kisaru Moritaka managed to talk him down!? How!?

Nakagawa: (exasperated) "Musashi-Hakase as usual was completely oblivious that Yuto was there to kill him–"
Hayato· That doesn't explain how... 15? of 648000...

Nakagawa: (exasperated) "–and was overjoyed to welcome his 'most loyal friend'."
Hayato· ಠ ಠ ...And his total inability to read the mood wins again. 25 of 648000...

Nakagawa: "Though I am suprised to hear that Yuto wants to '[make] a life for [him]-self' on Junichirou-shi's advice."
Hayato· ¬ ¬ focus... 28 of 648000...

Nakagawa: " So we'll have( (no; 30,31,32...)) –"
Hayato· ... of 648000... Focus...

Nakagawa: "– Junichirou( ( :o )) –"
Hayato· 32 of 648000... Focus restored. ^ ^

Nakagawa: "-shi over( (33...)) too( (〃ω〃)) –"
Hayato· 〃▽〃 eee...

Nakagawa: "– at Musashi-Hakase 's place –"
Hayato· ಠ_ಠ ...eew.

Nakagawa: "– once Motoko's had time to pass along the invitation from you." :D

Hayato: :D"ICan'tWait to call ..." D:

Nakagawa: :o"... Hayato-Tan?"

Hayato: "Did you tell uncle Kisaru we're having dinner with Motoko-Chan tomorrow?"

Nakagawa: "Yes, I made sure to tell him so that he wouldn't invite them at the same time. Why?"

Hayato ノ_<、 ""—-oh-hNo-ooo..."

Nakagawa: " :I You need to breathe, Hay-Tan. ... :( Hay-Tan? D: Hay-Tan Breathe!"

Moritaka: "Fujimura-Chan,"
Fujimura: "-San."
Moritaka: "-San; If she's there, I'm sending Musashi-Kun over to meet the Onyro sister."
Fujimura: "...Okay? :) Moritaka-San, you didn't disconnect on me immeadiately after I acknowledged your request."
Moritaka: "I'm learning, and in a great mood. Yuto's discovered that there are things more important in life."
Fujimura: "That's good to-"
Kisaru: "Misashi-Kun, I need you to immeadiately go get the measure of Kusanagi."
Musashi: ...
Kisaru: "... because of the tension brought about by Yuto-chan's return..."
Musashi: "...Go Where?"
Kisaru: "...The Dojo?"

Moritaka: "Ofcourse I won't invite her over tomorrow if she's gonna spend time with Hayto-Bō,"
Nakagawa: "-Kun."
Moritaka: "-Kun. I promise that I won't, Nakagawa-"
Moritaka: "Musashi; have you gotten the measure of Kusanagi?"
Musashi: ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ "Yes. I Fujimura-sama introduced me to the Onyro."
Moritaka: "Can you pass along that I need Onyro-Tan in my office above [the restraunt] tonight."
Musashi: ☉_☉ "...why?"
Moritaka: "Tomorrow would interfere with Hayato-Kun's plans."
Musashi: ;☉_☉
Moritaka: "And I need to send a message to her brother, Jun-Chan, so that he knows where we stand after Yuto's visit, as soon as possible."
Musashi: ◣_◢ "I think that it easier if I brought some friends along."
Moritaka: "That sounds like a great idea, I'll order enough food for them too."
Musashi: ◣‿◢ "Absolutely. I'll get right on that."

Nakagawa: "I wan't to say that Musashi wouldn't misread Moritaka's intentions, but..."

Fujimura: "-hear you're making progress."

Seras said:

...I offered, and instead of actually being taken earnestly, he very quickly lost his cool. I felt my amusem*nt flicker into irritation, as he didn't even wait for any further acknowledgment before he rushed forward.

edit, 56m min, 30 likes late: typo in emoticon. m's.
leaving Musashi & Moritaka name swap left as-is though it doesn't make sense as familial ribbing without an established pattern.
edit 2, 1h 31 likes late:Being raised while being bombarded with constant unchanging 'feedback' can really messes with someone's response to praise or criticism.

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