Convert: ksi to MPa | Kilopound per square inch to Megapascals (2024)

Convert: ksi to MPa | Kilopound per square inch to Megapascals (1)

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Convert: ksi to MPa | Kilopound per square inch to Megapascals (2)

ksi (Kilopound per square inch) To Megapascal (MPa) Conversion

Due to popular demand I'm now giving the conversion ksi to MPa a page of it's own!

ksi which mean kilopound per square unit , is derived from psi. Kilo, which is often used in the metric system basically mean a thousand (1000). It comes from the greek wourd for 1000. There for kilopound is 1000 pounds.

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A Megapascal or MPa is a variation on a pascal. Mega in this case mean 1,000,000 and is again coming from a great word. As you would gues when you using MPa your usally working with something heavy or with high pressure!

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  • Use if you are between two points.
  • Or Use for absolute pressure, if measuring psia

How to convert ksi to MPa

Both ksi (kilopound per square inch) and megapascal (MPa) are units of pressure measurement - the former is an Imperial unit of measurement and the latter a metric unit. Ksi values are more commonly converted to MPa since the metric system is the more widely used system of measurement.Conversion of ksi to MPa is very simple, involving a single formula. But before we get into that, let us learn a bit more about ksi and MPa.

Kilopound per square inch (ksi)

Ksi (kilopound per square inch) is a unit of stress or pressure resulting from one kilopound force acting on an area of one square inch. It is derived from one pound square inch (psi). Kilo is widely used in the metric system and means one thousand. Therefore 1 kilopound is 1000 pounds.

1 ksi = 1 psi * 1000
1 psi = 1 lbf / 1 in2 (pound per square inch)

Ksi are used where the pressure measured is a large value of psi. Ksi finds its application mostly in materials science to measure the tensile strength of metal beams. For example, A36 steel has a tensile strength of 58 ksi. They are not that widely used to measure gas pressures.

Psi is an imperial unit of pressure measurement most commonly used in the United States. Its corresponding metric unit is the Pascal which is widely used in most countries throughout the world.

One kilopound per square inch (ksi) is approximately 6894757 Pa.

Megapascal (MPa)

Megapascal is a multiple unit of Pascal (1 MPa = 1,000,000,000 Pa). The Pascal is an SI unit of pressure measurement. It is more commonly used in many countries. It is named after the French mathematician, inventor and physicist Blaise Pascal. The Pascal being a measure of force per unit area is defined as one Newton per square metre.
1 Pa = 1 N / 1 m2

In the base units of SI, one Pascal can be expressed as
1 Pa = 1 kg / 1 m * s2

The standard atmospheric pressure is 101,325 Pa or 0.101325 MPa. As with ksi, megapascal is also widely used in materials science to measure the tensile strength and the stiffness of materials.

The other common multiple units of the Pascal are

  • ·The hectopascal (1 hPa = 100 Pa)
  • ·The kilopascal (1 kPa = 1000 Pa )
  • ·The gigapascal (1 GPa = 1,000,000,000 Pa)

The megapascal being an SI unit has largely replaced ksi in most countries as the measurement unit of pressure except in the few countries that still use the Imperial measurement system.

Why Convert ksi to MPa

Mpa being the metric unit of measurement is more widely used than ksi. The 'ksi to MPa formula' would be used when one wants to convert the Imperial unit of measurement (i.e. ksi) to the more commonly used SI metric system (i.e. MPa). USA, along with Burma and Liberia are the countries that still use the Imperial system of measurement.

Comman Conversion Requests

Below are some of the most comman conversion requests

ksi to MPa

Conversions for ksi to MPa values

  • 1 ksi to mpa = 6.89475908677537
  • 25 ksi to mpa= 172.36897716938424
  • 30 ksi to mpa = 206.8427726032611
  • 40 ksi to mpa= 275.7903634710148
  • 45 ksi to mpa = 310.26415890489164
  • 80 ksi to mpa= 551.5807269420296
  • 2 ksi to mpa = 13.789518173550741
  • 100 ksi to mpa= 689.475908677537

Learn about Mpa, psi, ksi

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  • Pound per square inch: The extensively used pressure unit in many countries

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Convert: ksi to MPa | Kilopound per square inch to Megapascals (2024)
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